Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina sewing machines are a true Cadillac of sewing and their quality and pricing reflects that. In 1932, Bernina manufactured their first household sewing machine and followed it up with the zigzag sewing machine in 1938. As the years progressed, the product line was made with newer features, starting with the presser foot that was separate but attachable and buttonholes that were semi-automated.

Bernina produced the first model Bernina 830 in 1971 with the electronic foot control that stayed in the number one selling spot for eleven years. Following that, computerized machines came along with fully automated buttonholes and embroidery patterns to keep up with the creativity level of the people using them. Expert reviews found on the internet all seem to agree that Bernina sewing machine makes the best stitches compared to any type of sewing machines on the market.

The Sleek and Luxurious Bernina Sewing Machines of Today

Bernina 830 Luxury Sewing Machine

Bernina 830 Luxury Sewing Machine

The year 2009 brought along the Bernina 8 series, and specifically the newest Bernina 830 high performance model, that looks sleek from the jump and boasts twice the space of most home sewing machines, allowing the embroiderer more room to maneuver.

Offering a whopping 1,100 stitches per minute and 1,000 embroidery stitches per minute, speed is certainly an asset with this luxurious sewing machine. The jumbo thread capacity decreases the amount of time required to rethread the machine while designing artwork and the automatic function loads the thread with a swift and effortless push of a button.

Bernina has rethought the idea of the touch screen display by centering it instead of placing it more to the side, making it easier to view and follow the patterns while sewing. With a ton of other fancy features, this pride of the Bernina sewing machine is certainly not for the beginner that is unsure whether or not they will enjoy sewing project at home.

Visiting the Bernina official website makes it clear that the company does not want to disclose the price of this machine, because in order to receive a quote, a form must be filled out and submitted. The price can be found with further investigation on the internet, and there is a good reason that the Bernina does not advertise the cost of the 830, as it is a major investment that could instead purchase a new car; the Bernina 830 will deplete the bank account at a whopping $12,000.

Bernina Activa 220 Sewing Machine

Bernina Activa 220 Sewing Machine

As exemplified by the Bernina 830, if an avid seamstress is searching for an inexpensive brand of machines, Bernina is not the way to go. However, the Bernina Activa 220 can be purchased for under $1100 if the budget is within that range. Another computerized machine that lives up to the luxuriousness that Bernina strives to provide, this model presents fantastic tension control as well as versatility when working on heavier fabrics. Additional features, including the one-step automatic buttonhole function, an optional hands-free system and the automatic needle threader are manufactured to provide user-friendliness for any level tailor. This machine also offers 50 stitches, 2 diverse buttonholes, and five presser feet as standard. The fabulous extension table is a plus to allow for more room for getting those amazing projects done on.

Bernina Aurora 440QE Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Bernina Aurora 440QE Sewing and Embroidery machine

would make any seasoned seamstress extremely satisfied. Dependable and durable, this machine comes outfitted with a stitch regulator for free-motion stitching. Its intuitive functioning allows the user to modify the stitching pattern and will remember every change that is made. The Editor Lite software that accompanies this machine presents the user with the capability to view their embroidery tasks on the PC before they even start sewing. Three thread cutters and built in lights in the Bernina 440 QE are convenient features that make sewing easier and faster for the tailor while creating their project. Another amazing choice, the Bernina 440 QE falls in the mid-range price of Bernina, averaging about $3,500.

Looking for Used Bernina Sewing Machines?

As most people are on a normal-sized budget and Bernina lands on the high end for pricing, looking into used Bernina sewing machines is an option to consider, as alternative to buying new expensive models.

Beware, though: due to the fact that these machines are so awesomely manufactured and they maintain a lifetime warranty, people are rarely trying to let go of them. Searching the local sewing and craft stores, vintage stores, and the internet are great starting points for finding second hand Bernina machines.


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