Braun Electric Toothbrush

Ever since electric toothbrushes were introduced, there were many heavy hitters that flooded the market. But Oral-B Braun electric toothbrush stood the test of times. It gained popularity mostly because of its effectiveness.

What Should You Expect?

As a knowledgeable consumer you should expect that your expensive Oral B electric toothbrush has some basic features. Basic features like two minute brush timer, firm grips and replaceable Braun toothbrush heads are common. However it is not necessary that they have been integrated well. For example your grip may be slippery or the replaceable head base becomes dirty. Apart from these features you also expect that your toothbrushes have cordless rechargeable technology.

Why is Braun Toothbrush Good?

The Braun electric toothbrushes are better than their manual counterparts as they can clean even the most difficult to reach areas thereby providing you with better oral hygiene. Braun is known to be a leading brand in oral hygiene and there are many options available even to the most discerning user. The Braun Oral-B toothbrush cleans your teeth thoroughly while not bruising your gums at the same time. To meet the requirements of different customers, the company has 4 series of electric models. These are Sonic Technology, Vitality, Professional Care and Professional Smart Care series.

The most advanced Sonic series comes with an oscillating cup-shaped brush head which can perform 7600 movements/minute.

The Vitality series' highlight is that it not only cleans your teeth but these brushes also help in removing plaque.

Equipped with 8000 cycles per minute, the Braun Professional toothbrush series' high frequency cycle extends to spaces between the teeth. But don't be alarmed as the bristles are soft and extremely flexible. The highlight of the Braun toothbrush belonging to this series is that it comes with a 30 second timer, which will tell you that it is time for you to change the cleaning area.

Professional Smart Care series is the most advanced of the four. It has four modes of cleaning - daily, sensitive, deep clean and whitening. The company claims that it can remove up to 97% of your plaque, though user reports are not as high.

The Bestsellers - 3 Best Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Models

Braun Professional Care Brush with Stepless Speed Control

According to the company this system is inspired by the dental professionals and provides great cleaning and gum care. This is the only power toothbrush that has 3D cleaning action with almost 40,000 pulsations that help in loosening the plaque. Additionally the oxy jet techno produces micro bubbles that attack bacteria which create plaque.

Consumers using this product are happy and say that it has stopped their bleeding in gums and their teeth appear whiter. However some customers have tough time cleaning the mould that forms inside body of the irrigator handle. One can't use bleach to clean the mould as then it may damage the unit.

Braun Oral-B S 200 Sonic Complete Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Considered to be the most advanced, this Oral B Sonic system effectively removes plaque, and bacteria from your mouth. They clean your mouth thoroughly and remove stains from your teeth. The patented bristles vibrate with extremely high frequency at an amazing 30,000 strokes a minute. The technology is such that this Braun electric toothbrush reaches your hidden plaque spots and offer healthier gums.

Consumers using this product are happy with the services, but ask you to be cautious if you have sensitive teeth. In that case you must read the instructions well before brushing so that your gums and teeth are not affected.

Braun Oral-B PC 7400 Power Toothbrush

This Braun's toothbrush consists of advanced 3D technology through which you can clean your teeth in a more effective manner. It has 40,000 pulsation and 8,800 oscillations. For optimal control you have a choice to select from two speeds. Its 30 seconds timer helps in reminding you to change the area of brushing. When it is charged, it can last for 12 days before the next charging cycle. That is why it is extremely beneficial to carry it during travel.

Comparison Within Brand

Overall, Braun electric toothbrush is a great equipment for your daily brushing needs. However, the best rated amongst these are the ones equipped with Braun sonic toothbrush technology. These brushes can be found in the online stores or in the retail outlets. The only consideration is their price, which happens to be a little steep. The products' excellent features will help you make a choice though.


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