Best Car Seat Reviews & Ratings Guide

Without carefully going over some car seat reviews and rating, as well as consumer reports before buying, can post a high risk if serious injuries to your child in case accidents happen.

The baby car seat buying guide found on this site is result of careful research and analysis of both expert and buyer reviews around the web.

We strive to give you unbiased and uncluttered baby seat reviews, as well as top picks for best car seats in each category: infant, baby, children over 6 years old, convertible and booster seats.

The market is currently saturated with more than just a few choices to to consider. With many options to choose, picking a perfect baby car seat that works well for your bundle of joy is sure to be a fun and exciting experience, if you do your homework.

These are manufacturers, which constitute the list of popular brands: Britax, Graco, Evenflo, Eddie Bauer and Cosco. Each has its own unique strengths and features to offer a variety of taste and personal styles, as well as suitable functionalities for different activities and needs of parents.

There are also many rules and regulations around safety standard and measurement of car seats, and they change from place to place, however, it is very important to be aware of these rules and to follow them for your own benefits.

Below you will find links to related articles and guides detailing each point or browse through the list of best rated brand reviews to the right and find the perfect model for your child.

Car Seat Buying Guides:

How to Buy the Best Car Seats?
Get advice on choosing the best car seat for your child's safety. Whether you are looking for the best infant car seat, the best convertible car seat or the best booster car seat, it's important to understand basic safety ratings and be able to choose the right one for specific circumstances.

Infant Car Seat Ratings Explanation - Car Safety Ratings Guide
Knowing what each child car seat rating means is the most important thing that parents can do prior to shopping. This guide explains the 5 Car Seat Safety Ratings set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Children's Car Seats Buying Guide - When to Use Child Booster Car Seat?
A child who has outgrown the regular baby seat will need to switch to child booster car seats. Find explanations on: age consideration, size, and how to determine correct positions to ensure the best fit and safety on the road.

Cheap Car Seats - The Possible Dangers of Buying Cheap Infant Car Seats
When you buy a cheap or on sale product you might as well get what you pay for. Here we review the best cheap infant car seats, including convertible and booster seat options, their pros and cons, and the negatives you need to be aware of when opting for budget options.

Portable Car Seat Selection - Making Sure Your Child is Safe with The Best Mini Car Seat Purchase
The utmost priority when buying a portable seat should be the safety ratings. Other important factors are: type of the mini car seat, size, snug fit, how to install and use them properly...


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