Ceiling Fans Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best ceiling fans for your home, work office or community can be a challenging task without thorough investigation. Did you know that amongst popular indoor fans which are usually installed in the dining room, there are also flush mount, outdoor ceiling fans and many other types? Even then your choice for a good model isn't easy and simple yet, because the list of brands is just overwhelmingly long: Casablanca, Hunter, Hugger, Monte Carlo, Tiffany, Harbor Breeze, Hampton Bay ceiling fans and many more.

That's when our unbiased ceiling fan reviews, ratings and buying guide come into rescue. Here you will find detailed analysis and comparison between major players in this air conditioning field. Also get recommendations and advice on how to pick the fan that fits and complements your home deco.

The reviews and buyer's guides on this site are results of careful research into both expert and consumer reports found online. Many consumer opinions are summarized in short and concise manner to help you save time and researching efforts. Be informed like a savvy buyer, so that you can get the best value out of you hard earned money when shopping for a ceiling fan that to suits your needs.

Popular Brands

Casablanca Ceiling Fans Review - Best Selling, Cheap and Luxury Candle Fan
We have picked the top rated 3: best selling, cheap and luxury Casablance fan for you. Discover the unique features of Casablanca brand and how its Energy Star ratings can save you money.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans - The Best Seller at Home Depot
The Hampton Bay fan is some of the best selling fans on the market. Owners are fairly happy with the products, but customer service is just bad according to many consumer reports...

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans - Company Info and Best Harbor Breeze Fan Reviews
Harbor Breeze fan company is the store brand sold at Lowe's. Manufactured by Litex, they are durable, highly efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation products for homes.

Hunter Ceiling Fans - Top Rated For Stylish Design and Easy Installation
In business over a century, Hunter fan company is known to make not only top quality, but also energy efficient ceiling fans. Hunter is one of the few companies that makes aesthetically pleasing decorative ceiling fans, which easily blend into or stand out in any decor and interior designs of your living room.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans - The Energy Saving Fan with Whisper Quite Motors
Known as the Architects of Air, Monte Carlo fans company delivers eighty different ceiling fan styles with unique designer plated finishes. Its product range includes both indoor and outdoor models with whisper quiet energy star motors...

Regency Ceiling Fans Review - The Designer Fan with Quality Parts
Regency fan has been around and respected for over sixty-four years. They come in wide selection of styles: Industrial, Designer, EnergyStar, Outdoor, Traditional and Tropical...

Tiffany Ceiling Fans with Lights are Popular for Beautiful Stainless Glass Shades
The contemporary styled ceiling fans with Tiffany lights are simply stunning and elegant in every intricate detail. Find Tiffany fans supplies - manufacturer information and installation advice here.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Reviews - The Popular Black Comet Industrial Model
Although production of Westinghouse cooling fans was stopped in 1950's, their commercial grade series like the Westinghouse Black Comet has hit the market again...

Ceiling Fan Styles

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans Buying Guide on Size, Light, CFM ratings, Blades, Motors
Also known as low profile or hugger fans, these are best used for smaller, unventilated rooms, like kitchen, bedroom, or low ceiling closet in your house. Find more information on low profile ceiling fan to help you buy...

Rustic Ceiling Fans for Western Style Aesthetically Pleasing Decor
For those who want more than just traditional ventilation, the decorative rustic fans made with the irons and bronzed metals in the neutral or brownish colors represent the outdoor country styled fans that are beautiful in both log homes or cabins...


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