Children's Car Seats Guide

For a child who has outgrown the regular childrens car seats, it will then need to switch to a child booster car seat. This will happen at different times depending on the size of the baby, but most children will move to booster seats at around the age of four.

Some parents are tempted to simply put them in the regular car seat with the ordinary seat belt on, but it is important to note that this can be dangerous. It might seem like they fit, but in the event of a crash they could end up with serious injuries because of the improper placement of the safety seat belts.

The car belts are intended for adults, and a shoulder belt in particular can restrain a child at the neck which can do permanent damage.

Age Consideration - When is Your Baby Too Big (or too Old) for Regular Children Car Seats?

It is fairly easy to tell when a baby has outgrown regular - small size car seats for children. If their shoulders come above the top harness slots, then it is definitely time to move onto a child car booster seat.

You can also check the height and weight restrictions on children's car seats, and if they have exceeded either one then it is time to move to booster seats.

If more than half of the bay's head is over the back, then serious head and neck injuries can result from a collision.

What to Look For When Buying Car Seats For Children?

When deciding what type to use, you first need to look at the seats in the back of your car. Not all vehicles are made with shoulder belts in the back seats, and if this is the case then you'll definitely you need a booster seat that has harness straps. This is usually the case in older cars, and in some cases you can have a shoulder strap seat belt system installed in a vehicle. In most cases, this is not going to be worth the money and it would simply be better to switch to a car that has shoulder belts in the back seats if you're going to be transporting children regularly.

If you want to determine whether or not your son or daughter would be safe once he or she is secured in the new childrens car seat, look at the positioning of the belts. The lap belt should be across the top of the upper thigh, and should not go across the stomach.

Serious injury can result from a belt that is positioned too high; instead of the pressure coming against the area below the abdomen in a collision, a seat belt that is too high will potentially cause extreme internal injury to a child, particularly in a head-on collision.

You can also check the positioning of the shoulder belt. It should go right across the middle of the chest, and should not be near the neck. Something that people should also be aware of is that children may move the belts. Some children will tend to slip the belt underneath their arm as they feel it is more comfortable. This can result in serious injury so it is important to check the child every once in a while to make sure that the belts are in the right place. It goes without saying that only one child should be restrained with a single seat belt.

It is also a good idea to make sure that all car parts and accessories used to secure the car seat are periodically checked by professional technicians. Keep a consistent vehicle maintenance log and you will be much better off protecting your child in case unexpected things happen.

Best Child Booster Car Seat Reviews

There are different varieties of booster seats available, and they may come with a back or without. One or the other is not necessarily better, but many people feel more comfortable when they are using a children's booster seat that has a high back on it.

The most important thing that child booster car seats do is to raise the child up so that the belts are in the proper position. The ones without the back like the Cosco Highrise Booster Seat will retail for about $20. There's a wide range when it comes to child car seats with backs, and for an economical solution you can choose an Evenflo Big Kid Booster Car Seat. There are high-end like the Britax Frontier 85 or the Recaro Young Sport car seats that will do the job admirably.

Before you make a buying decision, always make sure to spend some quality time and go through safety rating or  consult with professional for booster seat evaluations. This little extra investment will always prove to be the most valuable and responsible thing you can do for your child.

When You Don't Need Childrens Car Seats Anymore?

Most children will use a child booster car seat until about the age of 10 years. It will actually depend more on the height and weight of the child. Most times they will not be tall enough to be properly restrained by a regular car seat belt until they are about 5 feet tall.

If a booster seat is used when a child is the right size, and it is determined not to have been damaged then it will greatly increase the odds of survival in a serious automobile collision.


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