Dressmaker Sewing Machine Guide

When preparing to buy a dressmaker sewing machine, you should first take an inventory of your sewing needs. Domestic sewing machines can be quite expensive, so it is important to buy the best one for your needs; investing in the wrong machine could be costly and frustrating for dressmakers of any skill levels.

Comparing the aspects of the different models and understanding that not only the machine, but also the different parts, should be taken into consideration when buying is crucial.

This means you should carefully think about the threads, buttonholes, and types of materials that you are going to be working with your dresses. Ensure that the dressmaking sewing machine that you buy is going to be capable of sewing a variety of seams, finishes and trims in order to create dresses with unique fashion styles that are not only beautiful but also reflect your own personality.

Essential Features to Tailor and Sew Dresses


  • First, make sure that you buy a dressmaker machine with a free arm; this is a must if you want to sew anything with sleeves, pockets and pant legs.
  • An overlock stitch is also a must-have to create perfectly finalized seams. Quite often you will have to buy a separate serger - overlock sewing machine for this purpose.
  • Denims and other thicker fabrics will require a sturdy heavy duty sewing machine to ensure that the material does not get stuck or wrecked in the machine during feeding.
  • A wide choice of feet is necessary for dressmaking in order to create zigzags, blind hems, concealed zippers, narrow hems, and piping.
  • An integrated needle threader makes threading quick and simple, saving time for the seamstress to accomplish other tasks. So look out for automatic threader features.

Computerized Dressmaker Sewing Machines

A computerized dressmaking machine will provide the user with push-button functionality with a wide variety of stitches. It will also allow selections of the correct stitch length, width and tension, making stitching easy for the dressmaker.

In addition, some computerized sewing machines, like Brother of Bernina, offer a collection of different embroidery patterns and allow for downloading of even more patterns from a the internet with the USB connection through a computer.

Other good things about the dressmaker computerized models are their ability to feed three different colors at a time and the fact that they can store decorative stitch programs in the memory for later use. Although these models are a bit pricier than non-computerized machines, they are worth the extra money if you are going to make use of the many digital functions to create patch works.

Tips for Buying Domestic Sewing Machines For Dressmaking

If you are just starting to learn how to design and sew dresses, buying one of the simpler dressmaker sewing machine that will allow you to add accessories in the future is a great way to begin and allow for progression.

Avoid falling into the trap of buying a cheap sewing machine, like one of the Euro Pro Dressmaker II, because, as with any product that you buy, you get what you pay for. Consumer reviews confirm this fact, stating that the machines that have been bought in retail stores for very inexpensive prices (under $100) were unreliable and unable to handle the variety of projects that were advertised.

The best way to make sure that you are buying a high quality dressmaker sewing machine that contains all the features you desire and need is to "try it before you buy it".

You may be able to do this in a sewing class or a local sewing machine shop. Gather a bunch of different materials, and put the machine to the test in order to evaluate it for your own needs as well as see if its priced reasonably.

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