Eddie Bauer Car Seats Reviews

Eddie Bauer car seat is not a new name to Americans. EddieBauer has been in the business world for a very long time and has created a range of items that you can find anywhere that speak for themselves. Their business includes clothing, outwears, sportswear and Eddie Baur baby car seats as well. You can easily find their products in all the major stores and you can also check their items in the internet.

Eddie Baure car seat has been invented to try and prevent children from having accidents while on riding on a car. Automobiles came into existence in the 1900, however, it was after the increase on the rates of infant deaths and accidents because of children not been restrained while travelling in cars, that companies like Eddie Bower started manufacturing child car seats that meet the standards to assure the safety of infants and preschool going children.

The way how a Eddie Bauer car seat is manufactured is very simple. Hard plastic is used to make the base of the seat and the seat is then covered with foam and a seat cover to make sure that the child is sitting in an upright position and that he is restrained in case of an accident. However, there are some different types of car seats which will include the Eddie Buaer infant seats which are to be used from the time the child is born.


Then you have the Eddie Bauer convertible car seat which is a modification of the infant seat and that can also be used by new born babies, however, it is considered to be heavier and therefore, some people feel that it serves its purpose better. These usually fall into the line of Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3 in 1 car seats.

Toddlers and pre-school children also need to use Eddie Baur car seat and it is sometimes recommended that they use the rear facing car seats instead of the front ones from the safety point of view.

You can also find some other Eddie Baeur child seats which are called Booster seats. However, these are recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 12, although after the age of 6 most children are allowed to ride in a car and wear regular seat belts. However, they are still supposed to ride on the back of the car at all times.

Manufacturing companies go through a lot of trouble to try and make sure that your car seat fits in with the specifications, however, it is not always that you can find the best and perfect car seat for your infant. The instructions to the usage of some of these Eddie Bauer car seats may not be adhered to, or they may not fit the way they should to your particular car, and therefore, it is very important to understand how Eddie Baur products are supposed to function and whether they are actually meeting the requirements of your state in case of an accident.

Generally, an infant car seat needs to fit in properly into your car and it needs to be firmly attached to the seat belt and then only it is going to be of any use in case of an accident.

Top Picks - Best Eddie Bauer Car Seats


Some of the best Eddie Baur car seats available in the market now will include the "Eddie Bauer Deluxe High Back Booster Car Seat in Astoria" or a very similar model "Eddie Bauer Adjustable High Back Booster Car seat - Montecito", which is a forward facing 22 - to 40 Lbs 5 point harness system and it has a 3 position adjustable headrest. These two are the top bestsellers as well as being favorite choices for many parents.

If money is not of much objection, you might consider opting in for a more versatile model - "Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat" available in Stone wood and Charter colors. This model is also very comfortable and affordable. The seat comes with extra deep sides for added comfort and support and it is also a forward facing baby seat. This model comes with a 3 position adjustable headrest.

Most of the reviews that you find on some of EddieBauer products are very good. People are happy with what they have; however, some people do find that few numbers of the seats are a bit too big for their cars. So, most people advice that you buy these car seats only if you have a big vehicle. Although the consumer feel that the car seats that Eddie Bauer produces are very convenient for tall children.


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