Elna Sewing Machines

Since their initial success within the American markets, Elna sewing machines continued to focus on up-to-the-minute products that were simple to use for the beginner, yet efficient and fitted with extras for the professional.

What started with a desire for innovation and cutting edge technology back in the 1960's has clearly carried over into the modern Elna basic stitch sewing machines and embroidery Elna Lotus sewing machine.

Their latest line of Elna Lotus features innovations such as computerized embroidery, movable view screens, hundreds of integrated stitches, and many other sought after features that continue their standard into the next millennium.

The Invention of Elna Sewing Machine Company

The invention of the Elna sewing can be partially accredited to a Spanish Civil War refugee named Dr. Ramon Casas, since he came up with the original blueprints for the Elna 1 model sometime in the late 1930's. Having no way to move into the production phase without additional help, Casas approached a prominent iron press owner by the name of S. A. Tavaro and presented the plans in Geneva, Switzerland sometime around 1939. Tavaro saw potential in the compact electric design and thus began his commitment to the sewing industry and Elna machines.

The finalized product was lightweight and had a retractable free arm, so there fore was revolutionary for the time period and the first ever portable sewing machine ever produced for commercial distribution. Tavaro also made the Elna 1 stylish with bright green paint and elegant designs across its face, and consumers met Elna sewing machine with overwhelming favor due to their ease of use and simplicity. The Elna 1 was also viewed as reliable for such a compact size and there are still several of those models floating around history museums today.

Like all companies though, Tavaro realized without establishing a strong foothold within US businesses his product would always remained limited in regards to potential. Once he established a US subsidiary location in 1986 his overall sales and profits nearly doubled the first year. Since the mid eighties several other innovative products have been marketed under the Elna name, but none have been as popular as Elna sewing machines.

The Best Elna Lotus Sewing Machine

Elna 9500 sewing machine

The Elna 9500 is one of Elna Lotus sewing machines higher end models, and it comes packed with features that rival any of their competitors. With a full color touch screen, the 9500 Elna contains a built in embroidery table, eight super bright LED lights for viewing ease, over 300 stitching patterns, 122 embroidery designs, 10 monogram fonts, an automatic thread cutter, and a host of other options. The retail price on this fantastic model can be found for under $4000, but everything it does is completed perfectly and the machine is extremely durable made with top quality components.

Looking For a Great Beginner Sewing Machine?

Elna 2800 sewing machine

The Elna 2800 is a great example that is geared towards novice sewers, and it works off of a mechanical mechanism that will last for decades under proper care. This model has simplifying options such as a built in threader needle, and instant reverse switch, an adjustable pressure foot, and an adjustable stitch width. With a retail price of around $400 this would not specifically be considered a budget machine, but the extensive options that are available at that price point make it shine over competitors similar priced models.

Reviews for the Elna 2800 sewing machine are also largely positive with the only real complaint being the basic range of stitches on an otherwise solid machine. One customer from wrote: “Easy to use, Compact, Lightweight and great for beginners to sewing! I taught my 9 year old to sew on it! She made a rag doll!”

Final Thoughts on Elna Sewing Brand

Elna is a great value choice for the offered price at every skill level. With fourteen current models plus several specialty machines for embroidery and quilting, there is a product for everyone and a quick price review will show that Elna often gives a much larger value at almost every one of their price points.

This is not to say that Elna products are cheap, for if low-cost is a priority, Elna sewing machine is not the best choice. Those who are just starting out in the sewing and embroidery hobby may feel that an inexpensive budget model would be a more sound investment over an Elna machine, but the simplistic features and flexibility make many of their more basic designs perfect for beginners.


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