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Why Buy Gas Air Compressors?

Buying a gas air compressor will prove to be useful in more than one ways. Air compressors powered by gas fuel also tend to fall into the range of the most portable compressors you can find for a variety of tasks, including, but limited to home residential projects, construction jobsites, and in workshops. Let's find out how.

Gas powered air compressors are used for a variety of applications where higher pressures are required. But when you have to pick a perfect one from a wide array present in the market, you have to sum up your needs. If you need them for household purposes, then you should buy portable devices as they are powerful and speedier. Additionally, you can use applications like air tools, air brush kits, nailers and even staplers.

Even though people use common acronyms like PSI and HP when they talk about air gas compressor, in reality these measurement units simply misguide the consumer. For example a 6 hp air compressor won't perform better than a 5 hp unit. As a matter of fact there was a class-action lawsuit which forced many manufacturers to alter their promotion tactics. PSI or pound per square inch is yet another thing to consider. As most of the tools work on 100 psi, a little extra pressure won't enhance the machine's performance.

If you are using the device for small jobs like nailers or staplers, which require more air, then you should opt for air gas compressors with higher CFM or cu / min air flow.

Other Uses and Application of Gas Powered Air Compressor

The best applications are in pressurized aircraft. In the aircrafts they help in providing atmosphere in which we can breathe normally just as when we are on land. Used in jet engines to provide the great mass of operating fluid and, at high altitudes, a high enough concentration of oxygen for combustion of the air and fuel mixture. Their use in submarines is to store gas compression for buoyancy.

Pneumatic systems are frequently used in factories. This is because they constantly need atmospheric air in huge quantities. To cater to this huge demand they compress the atmospheric air and this done with the help of air compressors. For commercial use one can use two-stage compressors having 60-120 gallon capacity. However for individuals with small needs, one can use hand-carry, portable or stationary units with no more than 60 gallons capacity.

Large industrial plants also use them for delivering energy to machinery. Also they are extremely useful in the cooling and heating systems of machines. For medical purpose they are used for storing purified or manufactured gases in small volumes.

We review some of the brands to find out which are the best air gas compressors and how useful they are to the consumers.

DEWALT D55250 Gas Air Compressors

- 4-Horsepower, 4-Gallon, Oiled Twin Hot Dog

DeWalt gas air compressor

As the model name suggests this gas powered air compressor is provided with 4 hp Honda OHV GX engine. It has a 4 gallon gas tank which becomes idle automatically when air is not required and this also decreases fuel usage. In case oil becomes low, the engine automatically shuts off to prevent from further damage. A newly developed oil lubricated pump enhances its life span. Device can run without electricity.

Most of the customers bought this machine for heavy commercial constructions to be carried out at different places. They all felt that it had excellent portability, light in weight and has good performance.

Consumers are very happy with the Honda engine with which the compressor starts off without any hassles and they are sure it will prove to be enhancing durability of the compressor. Initially some customers had defective and damaged gas air compressor parts in the machine and had been complaining about the product. After the part replacement when they started using the device they bet that this is the best gas air compressor available in terms of features, design and performance. They highly recommend this compressor.

DEWALT D55270 Gas Air Compressor

- 5-1/2 Horsepower, 8 Gallon, Wheeled Oiled Twin Pontoon

DeWalt gas powered air compressor

This gas compressor features a 5.5 hp Honda engine. Its powerful engine is capable of delivering 8.9 cu ft / minute at 100 psi. Its capacity is 8-gallons and its wheelbarrow design makes it extremely mobile - it can be carried to almost any job site. The gas air compressor pump is built with cast iron and is well lubricated with oil enabling longer life. Product also contains an automatic throttle which helps in conserving fuel by pushing the unit in idle state when air is not needed.

Owners who bought this device feel that it works great. However, they complain that a bigger front tire wouldn't make tanks hit the ground while moving it.

Thomas TG-400HST Portable Gas Air Compressor

- 4 Horsepower, 4 Gallon, Oiled Twin Hot Dog

Thomas air gas compressor

This air gas compressor is considerably a light weight unit - it weighs 70 pounds, and hence it is one of the few gas powered portable air compressor in the market, can be carried by an individual with enough ease eliminating the need for ramps to get it in and out of the truck. The compact size also makes keeping it in the truck easy without taking up a lot of space.

Because of this portability factor you can use applications like nail guns, drills and for use with art projects like spray-painting or air brushes. The gas compressor is 1 ½ ft and can easily fit into your vehicle's trunk. It has a 4 hp Honda engine and if the tank is completely full, it can work for 24 hrs without interruption. Ensure that before you are starting the engine, the fuel line is shut off. When engine senses low oil, it will automatically shut off.

Customers claim that the machine has enough power and CFM to handle most construction jobs. Those who have used it like it because of its quiet operation. This quietness is due to an inbuilt muffler in the engine. The most liked about feature is the 4 HP Honda engine which is efficient and optimizes fuel efficiency by automatically slowing to an ideal speed when the air tanks are full.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Gas Compressors

Gas air compressors have a wide variety of important uses ranging from filling your tires to pumping air within human body while delivering oxygen and other while performing surgeries. Scuba drivers are perhaps the most benefited individuals as these devices are used to deliver oxygen to them when they are under water at great depths. They are applied in pipeline transport of domestic gas to move the gas from the production site to the consumers. With so much being said, it is important that you opt for a unit that has abundant functional features and is durable.


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