Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Guide

It is a myth that heavy duty sewing machine is only available for commercial and industrial use in large companies that are producing mass quantities of products. On the contrary, the 3 best rated commercial sewing machines (also come in semi-industrial designs) can work in your home or office where you create your projects for almost any type of task that you can imagine.

Heavy duty machines are easy for any level of sewer to operate, and offer a speed of more than 1000 stitches per minute, contributing to the "commercial" aspect of the machine that works hard for its owner, producing continuous jobs at a good tempo.

The price range for a typical heavy grade machine is expensive, depending on the features that the buyer is interested in, ranging from $100 for the no-frills products and into the thousands of dollars for the power-packed equipments that offer more features than most people will ever need.

Singer, Brother, Euro-Pro and Janome manufacture some of the top selling and well known brands of heavy duty upholstery sewing machines on the market.

Buying Tips for Commercial Sewing Machine

When seeking a model for domestic use, it is imperative to learn the characteristics and functions of the different machines in comparison to what you need.


  • For example, if being able to get projects done rapidly is the top need on the list, a powerful motor will be the first thing to look for. A good way to determine whether the machine that you are interested in contains the features that you desire is to read the user manual that accompanies it.
  • Although most heavy duty sewing machine models are made with durability in mind and should last longer than you would ever expect, eventually every machine needs either a tune-up or repairs with replacement parts.
  • A quick phone call to a local shop or browse through Yellow pages before buying can tell you which brands services are experienced in doing regular maintenance on. Researching the brands and models that you are interested in and finding out which companies have service facilities within a decent distance of your home will help to narrow down the list you should purchase to avoid headaches in the future if things go wrong.
  • Take into consideration the type of fabrics that you will be working with in order to purchase the appropriate size machine.
  • Commercial sewing machines are made to handle the heaviest of materials including upholstery, tents and curtains and maintain great balance in order to provide extremely straight stitches on the thicker fabrics. A good rule of thumb is the thicker and the bigger the material is that you desire to work with, the larger the machine and workspace that you will need.


While heavy duty sewing machines are used widely in commercial establishments for products that are sold by retailers to consumers, these models can also be used in the domestic situations by someone who wants to create upholstery, tents, or other sporting equipment such as bags and projects that are made with the thicker materials that need special care in order to sew them.

With their walking feet to feed the fabrics, the thicker needles to penetrate the materials and their hefty weight to hold them down while working with them, these machines are equipped to handle big projects from start to finish smoothly and hassle free.

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