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Husky Air Compressor Reviews

The Husky name has been synonymous with quality and performance for home and medium duty industrial uses. Their power air tools are currently manufactured by the Campbell Hausfeld Company.

How to Buy - Select Husky Air Compressors?

There is a wide variety of Husky compressors to choose from ranging from hand-held Husky portable air compressors to commercial 80 gallon units. With such a variety, they can be practically used on all types of applications like spray guns, grinders and even sanders.

Husky compressors have both vertical and horizontal models - vertical ones taking less storage area. But the horizontal models are more portable and can be moved around with ease.

The main difference between the two types is that they deliver different amount of CFM of compressed air. Husky horizontal air compressors deliver lesser air than their vertical counterparts. For this reason most of the people buy larger sized devices. But if your needs are small and you use it seldom, then buying a small unit makes more sense.

As a rule of thumb, buy those units which have more number of reviews and have explicit manuals, and clear indication that they have plenty of replacement parts. Check for availability of essential parts, like Husky air compressor pump and regulator among other as equally important electronic gadgets.

Best Husky Air Compressors Reviewed

Heavy Size - 26 Gal Husky Vertical Air Compressor

Husky Air Compressor 26 gallon Vertical

As the name suggests this compressor has a vertical built, this means that the tank stands up instead of lying down. It takes up little floor space - about the same as a small pancake compressor. It has got wheels on the bottom for easy rolling around the shop or out to a vehicle in need of some air. It has 110V, 1.5 HP electric compressor motor that turns on and off with a smart-looking red switch. It is provided with two gauges, one on top monitors air pressure inside the tank and second monitors pressure going to the tool attachments. A knob allows for adjustment of output pressure according to the need of the tool in use. It is capable of handing a maximum pressure of 155 PSI and can deliver 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI.

At the back of the device, a knob is provided for setting up the speed limit of the compressor from "light duty," "medium duty," or "heavy duty," to "shush it up". Adding to the value added features are a set of air tools which are enclosed with the compressor.

A push lever opens the air fill valve, and the gauge reads when you release the lever. There's also a bleed button on the side.

Medium Size - 4 Gal Stacked Tank Husky Air Compressor

Husky Air Compressor Horizontal 4 gallon

The Husky compressor comes with a 1.5 HP motor. It delivers 90 psi quite well, but it can also deliver up to a higher pressure of 155 psi air too. This Husky portable air compressor contains two outlets which allow running of various tools at a time. The hose and power cord of the unit can be stored within itself.

First time buyers and customers who did not have much expectation with the compressor were amazed by the first use and performance of the device. They never had to worry about having enough air. Duel tank and duel outlet allowed them to run two tools at the same time. Some users say that the 4 gallon compressor works to the level of 40 gallon compressor. This compressor is quieter than most, runs smoother, and runs less time to get to full capacity (155 psi).

The two hose facility of the compressor makes the device more versatile as claimed by shop owners. This machine has enabled them to take more projects and thus increasing their business. Its Husky air compressor parts are available at reasonably cheap prices.

Moreover it is convenient for loading and unloading the machine on the back of a pick up truck. It's easier and quicker to roll the equipment from in and out of the shop with the rollers beneath the tank. Most owners say the product is worth buying and is good value for money spent.

Small Size - 1.5 Gallon Husky Portable Air Compressor

portable Husky Air Compressor

This Husky portable gas compressor is lightweight, has a maximum of 135 PSI, and it is oil free. It is perfect for inflation. But it can equally perform cleaning and fastening activities too. The unit includes a 13 piece accessory kit.

Customers find this to be a great tool especially for running a staple gun or if they have to inflate things around the house. But they feel that since it is only 2 CFM at 90 PSI, any air powered hand tools can't be run.

Overall Husky Compressor Rating

The Husky air compressors are quite in operation and their parts are readily available. There is a wide variety of them present in the market catering to the needs of an array of demographics. Customers are impressed by it and they feel that these are a quality product for which people are willing to pay for.


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