Husqvarna Sewing Machines Review

Accountable for manufacturing a full line of sewing products, Husqvarna sewing machines provide the tools for a variety of sewing projects that are mostly geared towards embroidery machines and the software that accompanies them as well as quilting machines for the creative domestic seamstress. Husqvarna Viking sewing machines are made with the versatility to make an abundance of intricate designs with their stitching functions that are specialized for detailing artistic projects.

The Beginning of the Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

All the way back in 1689, a factory was started by the King of Sweden near the beautiful waterfalls in Husqvarna for the intentions of producing weapons. Almost two centuries later and long after the death of the King, in 1872, a group of local craftsman, looking to create a product other than harmful weapons, began to build nonviolent sewing machines as well as merchandise that are associated with sewing. For over 100 years now, Husqvarna, also known as Husqvarna Viking, has been constructing household sewing devices that boost the ability to sew items far faster than by hand.

Quilting with Husqvarna Sewing Machines

Hand quilting is put to shame by Husqvarna sewing machines that are produced specifically for quilting projects. The stitches made by these machines can range from a barely seen stitch that outlines the blocks on the quilt to a blend of stitches and threads that create an original work of art on fabric. There are two categories of machine quilting: machine guided which is feed dogs up and used for straight or faintly curved lines. Then there is free motion, where the feed dogs are dropped or covered and is used for patterns. Each experienced quilter has their own stitching preferences; some fancy the free motion for all of their stitching, some choose the machine guided stitch, and many mix them up.

Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II

The Quilt Designer II made by Husqvarna is technologically adapted with its touch screen that features a one-touch stitching option that is complimented by the four Stitch d-Cards. These cards include 92 different stitches and an alphabet and can also be bought separately if more are needed. A computerized help function assists in choosing the type and size of needle required, tips for the buttonhole and more with a simple touch on the screen. With the automatic needle threader that abolishes tiresome hand threading, five-speed adjustment, and push-button stop function, this Husqvarna Viking sewing machine allows even the beginner an expert at quilting. The Husqvarna Quilt Designer II has a simple embroidery unit that slips on to turn it into an embroidery machine in moments. This machine retails starting at $1200, although it can be found used for a much better price.

Most Popular Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Software and Machines

Embellishing fabrics is a way to make clothing, tablecloths, or any other material appear unique. With Husqvarna's embroidery software combined with Husqvarna sewing machines, designing distinctive fashions at home is a breeze. The software allows the sewing fanatic to try different blueprints, so to speak, for their projects before they use the fabric and thread, changing the colors and stitch formations in order to view the finished product before even starting to sew. The ExpressDesign Wizard is the simpler form of the software, while the Design Creator is the monster of embroidery software created by Husqvarna. Although they are completely different and unique, these two programs both allow the user to create their own layouts and patterns and become an at-home fashion designer.

Husqvarna Viking Platinum 955 E

The Platinum 955 E is one of the Husqvarna sewing machines that produce these embroidered pieces of artwork. Paired with Husqvarna's embroidery software or one of its own 70 embroidery d-Cards, the possibilities of project outcomes are endless. The top thread sensor stops the machine automatically if the thread snaps or runs out and the touch screen functions assist the seamstress with creating their project with precision. With eight optional embroidery hoops available, the Husqvarna Viking Platinum 955 E provides an opportunity to create over 5000 embroideries, lettering, or monogramming. Used machines can be found for much less, but the retail value of a Platinum 955 E is nearly $3000.

Quilting and embroidery are easy to accomplish with a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. Technologically advanced with the touch screen functionality that makes it easy for the beginner to attempt and intricate enough to challenge the advanced skilled sewing artist, these machines are suitable for any household. Merge the machine with the software that allows the ambitious and creative hobbyist the ability to design their own fashions, and Husqvarna's products open up a whole world of style and trends.

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