Kids Sewing Machine Reviews

Wondering what is a kids sewing machine and how to choose the perfect one for your child? This guide will give you information on various options available for choosing the best childrens sewing machines, be it for fun craft projects, or to seriously train your kid into an expert sewing machinist in the near future, as a profession.

Is Sewing Machine for Kids just a Toy or a Professional Tool?

It is probably hard to imagine the world without sewing machines as they become part of our daily life. For some, they even became the main source of income. Everyone knows the importance of sewing machines and many think that only experienced people can use them. To their surprise there are some mini models which are specifically built for kids.

Now lot of questions must have popped up in your mind such as what is the intention of kids sewing machines? Is it really safe for kids to use them? What will children actually do with sewing machines? Is it really worth to spend money on these mini sewing machines? Or what are the special features? And etc. Let's answer all the questions.

The Purpose of Having Child's Sewing Machine

The main intention behind designing and buying such mini sewing machine is to improve and simulate the creativity among kids and to make them busy in some activity which gives them fun while also improves some handy skills, which might be of value to them in future, be it as a serious career, or just as an extra useful skill to have in life.

They can also be considered as the great introduction to the creative designer crafting works and the children can become the professional designer crafters with little hard work. That is the reason why these machines are becoming more and more popular these days and many sewing machine companies are coming forward to manufacture sophisticated models in order to make them children-friendly.

How Safe Are Children's Sewing Machines?

Many models can actually be treated as kids' toy machines which are designed and crafted carefully with the intention of providing safety and fun for kids. However, these types of products won't usually have enough features to improve your child's sewing skills.

Some others - more advanced models will almost come with all the essential tools and functions to create even adult clothing. However, adults supervision is required during the coordination of the parts and also while using them. Strictly speaking, more professional kids sewing machines are best suitable for children who are over 8 years and still needs to be supervised by adults on using. Utmost care need to be taken especially while they are still in the process of learning how to use the machine.

Sewing Projects Kids Can Try

When we think about the projects that can be handled by kids on these small sewing machines then there are quite a few. To start with, make them learn and assign easy ones such as chain stitching.

You can also make them involved, learn and practice various fun filled projects such as stitching a teddy bear, making small purses, handbags for themselves, sewing several pieces together, stitching a stuffed toy together etc. There are various ideas you can collect from sources such as Internet or through hobby craft books for kids.

Child's sewing machines bring more fun to the kids especially when a team of kids are working together. These machines are often associated with their favorite characters such as Hello kitty or Barbie making them more fascinated towards projects. Besides that, the kids crafting material also comes up with colorful threads and materials making them more interested towards using it. Isn't it good for the kids to have fun while also learning creative arts at the same time?

Best Kid's Sewing Machines

With the above discussed advantages, almost every one who has small children wants to own a mini sewing machine for kids. But how much will it cost and what are the important things to be considered while purchasing them?

It is not really necessary to spend lots of money on such machines and at the same time you should not go for the cheap ones. Think about the interests and abilities of your child and also think about his/her free time. Set up some factors based on the above and perform good research over Internet. Main intention of making your child learn while enhancing his creativity must be met. Here are few of the top kids sewing machine models to consider.

Brother LS21251 is the most popular child sewing machine which is equipped with several useful built in functions to make it more kids friendly. This machine also comes with lightly weighted tools such as screwdriver, bobbins, needles, extra spool pin, darning plate and etc.

Another good kid's sewing machine is Singer 6038 - from one of the oldest brands in the sewing industry. This one has certain special functionalities and tools to make children more comfortable when stitching. It is also useful to adults for mending regular clothes.

Hello Kitty sewing machine is also the popular one and is specially designed for little ones who are less than 8 yrs old. The machine is made in simple design and is equipped with a protective cover over the needle while running.

Shop around with your own ideas at different stores and on the internet to get various alternatives and models. You will definitely find the one that fits the best both your pocket budget and you child's satisfaction.


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