Pfaff Sewing Machines Reviews

The current array of Pfaff sewing machines still carries the same quality and superior craftsmanship that was present way back in 1862.

While a consumer should expect to pay slightly more for a Pfaff machine, they will be rewarded with innovative features such as superior lighting, a free motion quilting feature, and an excellent straight stitch.

Since the turn of the twentieth century Pfaff sewing has continued to focus on quality and innovation, and their dedication to intelligent labor has allowed them to acquire several of their competitors' models over the years as well.

The Beginning and Development of Pfaff Sewing Company

The first Pfaff sewing machine was invented by Georg Michael Pfaff in 1862 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He was an instrument maker by trade and considered a very talented craftsman by his peers, so the reinvention of the sewing machine seemed a logical choice for this opportunist. Producing quality sewing instruments was not enough of a challenge for Pfaff though, and what began as a small manual labor shop was eventually a fully steam powered assembly line that made company profits soar.

By 1874 his company offered many benefits for his workers found in modern society, such as sickness and death benefits. Next came the idea of travelling salesmen and corporate offices, all the while Pfaff continued to expand and modernize the way he produced sewing machines.

By 1885 Pfaff's son Jakob had inherited the family business and fortunately for the company he shared his desire father's desire for expansion and technological growth. A Pfaff sewing shop when then opened in France employing up to 400 workers. In 1907 the family business began to produce specialty sewing equipments geared more towards commercial use and in 1909 came out with their first full series of domestic Pfaff sewing machine models aimed at households, small business, and light industrial use.

Recommended Best Pfaff Sewing Models to Buy


Out of all of the available Pfaff models on the market, consumers can not stop bragging about what a pleasure the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 is to use. From personal conveniences like the adjustable pressure foot to the auto threading and one step buttonhole features, the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 is a favorite among almost anyone who has ever used one. With a price tag under $2000 (about $1800) it is definitely not intended for occasional use, but the quilting enthusiast will find it a worthwhile purchase.

However, some consumers have found faults in the craftsmanship and claimed that Pfaff still has not addressed some basic issues that should have been completed at the factory. On, once customer commented, “The machine is very picky about threading. When you begin sewing the machine will make this terrible clanking sound in the bobbin and it will not sew. You can be sewing, cut the thread and begin piecing something else and it will do this for no reason. I feel like I spend A LOT of time rethreading this machine for no reason.”

The Pfaff Sewing Machine Select 3 is also a fantastic machine without the massive price tag accompanying it, and it includes many of the more popular features found in the Expression line for a fraction of the cost. A trademark feature, the integrated dual feed, creates perfect seams and fabric feeds on almost any type of material so once purchased you can feel confident that the Select 3 will be strong enough for the task at hand. The retail price on the Pfaff Select 3 is around $400, which is still under the affordable price tag of $500 for most quality machines.

A recent customer review of the Select 3 offered, “It's simple, and it's tough. It's easy to use, the stitches are easy to select and it sews a perfect regular stitch.”

Shopping Tips for Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machines

If you are in the market for a Pfaff industrial sewing machine, your product will be of superior quality and likely outlast any commercial sewing machines you have ever used in the past. It is also comforting to know that past complaints about the industrial Pfaff sewing machines were taken to heart by the company and updated versions are largely designed with customer feedback in mind.

You will also have a technologically advanced sewing models compared to others within its class from other manufacturers, but at the same time a Pfaff industrial sewing machine will cost you a premium. Since many of the features are not found elsewhere it may be worthwhile to test this product with a friend or even in a retail outlet before purchasing it to make sure it is the right feature you are after.

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