Portable Car Seat Evaluation

There are a couple of things that are important when it comes to the decision of buying a portable car seat or a mini car seat for the baby. Not only does it need to be a model that comes with a good safety rating, but there are also other factors that will influence how safe your child is when they are in a car seat. It has a lot to do with the size of the baby, and also whether or not the seat is being used properly.

If safety is the main concern, then it might be a good idea to choose a infant car seat that is a rear-facing model. It is possible to either find one that is exclusively a rear-facing model or a convertible car seat that can be switched depending on the size of the child. The investment in a good quality portable convertible car seat might be a wise decision, as you can use it for a longer period of time.

Portability vs. Safety

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to the safety of a portable child car seat is the size of the child compared to the seat. Particularly when they are in front-facing mini car seats, it is important to make sure that their shoulders to not go above where the harness attaches. If the top of the seat is lower than the ears of the child when they are sitting back, then this is a good indication that the seat is too small. Even the best portable car seat for babies will not properly protect a child that is too large for its size. This is also true for children that are too small for particular seat.

It might be tempting to choose a car seat based solely on its price. The price of a car seat does not necessarily determine the safety rating of a portable seat.

Many times, the additional cost has to do with how light the seat is and how many additional attachments are available for it. Some of the most expensive car seats, are extremely lightweight, easy to carry around and look great, but do not perform all that well in terms of their safety rating or the ease of use.

For most of the many light-weight car seats that are very cheap, they do not perform well in tests. The most likely scenario is that something that is not at the bottom of the price range will be the safety seat that works best for your child.

The Best Portable Car Seat Models To Choose From

It's also important to look at the different factors that go into a rating. If you look at something like the Graco AirBooster, it might seem on the surface that this is one of the best seats available. It rates very high in the categories of evaluation of labels and instructions, installation and the overall ease of use. It falls short when it comes to securing the child, and this might be the most important safety rating of all. It makes sense to learn about the safety ratings of a mini car seat and know what is important.

A better buy might be something like a Britax Chaperone. It retails for about $230, which is more expensive than some other small models but when you check the safety ratings for the Chaperone it scores well all the way across the board. This is the kind of infant portable car seats that you will want for your child. Not only will they be safely secured, but it is still easy to use and has appropriate labeling and instructions.

If you want the best possible safety ratings all the way across the board, then the Compass B510 is probably the right portable car seat to choose. It has been given top scores in all five different categories.

Using this seat and putting the right sized child in it is going to provide the best possible solution in terms of safety as well as portability for the parent. The surprising thing about this Compass model is that it actually costs less than many other seats on the market.

It would seem that it is much more important to take a look at the safety ratings and to learn how to use baby portable car seats. There are classes and seminars that can be taken that will ensure that your child is as safe as possible.


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