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Serger sewing machines - or also known as overlock machines, are not to be confused with other machines on the market. Unlike typical sewing machines that cover an array of different stitches and functions, these machines are produced specifically to trim fabrics with a blade, stitch a seam, and finish the cut edge of the materials all at the same time.

The overlock sewing machine must present two characteristics in order to be considered a true serger; they should form a chain stitch to create a seam as well as overlock, which means finish the seam, on the edge of the fabric.

This is not to say that they cannot perform some of the functions of a standard household sewing machine, but they are specifically designed to create a more durable seam, and will not suffice for projects that require zippers or topstitching.

Even if a professional seamstress finds sewing with machines to be second nature, getting accustomed to using a serger sewing machine is going to be like driving a new car. The gadgets and functions are distinctive, and although there may be some similar features, "driving" one of these sergers may feel inconsistent with the regular sewing machine that is so familiar.

Despite the fact that the comfort factor is gone when using a different machine, the serger proves to be a wonderful tool and the right product model will walk the newbie through the appropriate steps to accomplish their projects.

Major Use of the Overlock Sewing Machine

The overlock sewing machines and the sergers are one and the same; hemming and seaming the edges of cloth is the primary function of the overlock stitch.

Although some of the overlocking sewing machines may not come equipped with a cutter, most of these sewing models cut the material in a nice, neat line while the machine feeds it through, producing a finished seam or hem in seconds.

An overlocker is especially essential when you have light weight fabric that needs smooth finishing on the hem without having to do complicated double-folded and bulky seams, such as hemming silk chiffon skirts and dresses.

Another  main application of overlocking is when you need to make knitted garments, like t-shirts or drapes. With just 1/4 inches (6mm) wide of overlocking stitches, you can create much stronger seams then you would with ordinary basic straight stitch. These is especially important when you need to make sure the joint is strong and durable, such as under arms.

These overlocker sewing machines pound out up to 9000 stitches per minute, and create the perfect construction and reinforcement for the edges of most fabrics in matter of seconds.

Best Sergers Sewing Machines Deals

Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger


This Brother best seller domestic model comes will relatively many sewing features compared to its price tag of less than $200 and it even includes free shipping. The highlight is its easy to follow video instructions, simple tension adjustments and detailed manual that explains how to adjust stitches.

Even though the company advertises that this overlock machine can do 22 stitch functions, you should be aware that customers have reported that apart from basic sewing functions, it can do well 3/4-thread overlock, rolled hem, flatlock stitch and blind hem.

Nevertheless, most are very happy after purchasing this serger, and find the extra presser feet provided in the package to be very handy, especially for creating flatlock, blind hems on knit fabric or gathering ruffles. A great introduction for entry level sewers.

Sewing with Nancy SWN10 EZ Lock Serger Machine

The Serger EZ Lock is a heavy hitter on the website, with reviews that rave about how easy this machine really is for the beginner. This serger sewing machine model is capable of performing flatlock seaming that is just right for patchwork, gathering for sleeves, a rolled edge hem for scarves, and decorative chaining for creative projects.

Additional features include the color coded EZ threading, stitch length and width that are adjustable and a differential feed that is wonderful for gathering fabrics. At less than $250, this serger sewing machine is very economically priced, allowing almost anyone the ability to purchase it to try it out.

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE 2/3/4 Thread Serger

For a complete package to handle all of the seaming jobs that you desire, the Juki sewing machine MO-654DE 2/3/4 Serger comes with a free 6-foot kit, 100 needles, 12 thread cones, a serger tote and an instructional DVD to teach you everything you need to know about your new serger.

Features include an adjustable stitch length, color-coded threading and a convenient knob for an adjustable differential feed. Heavyweight fabrics are easy to cut with the built in heavy duty cutting system, and the upper and lower loopers are manufactured with industrial strength to manage a variety of threads and makes it easy to thread quickly.

A convenient sewing light is included to provide favorable and optimum lighting while working on the final touches of a project. Originally listed for a tremendously expensive $1320, it can now be purchased for less than $500.

Conclusion About Sergers - Overlockers

Serger sewing machines are not going to provide the versatility that is expected out of standard sewing machines, but the quality stitching that they provide for the finishing touches on projects are worth their weight in gold for most serious seamstresses that are tired of their hems coming loose, curly or uneven.

The Overlockers are perfect when paired with a standard sewing machine with all the bells and whistles, because the basic sewing machine can handle the bulk of the sewing, while the serger can finish the task off and the tailor can be assured that their finished project will hold strong for years to come and looks as neat and tidy as professionally made garments.

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