Sewing Machine Reviews & Buying Guide

By reading sewing machine reviews and ratings you will gain a deeper understanding of what models to buy from a sea of selections that is currently available in the market.

Popular names in this industry include long established brands, which have gained loyalty in customers, like Brother, Singer, Janome, Bernina, Viking, Juki, Pfaff and some others.

To find the best sewing machines, first you have to find out how you will use it on a daily basis.

For example, would you need to buy one for embroidery sewing projects? For quilting? Home craft sewing? Or for personal hobby pursuit? If your need falls into any of the mentioned, then you probably just need an inexpensive domestic sewing machine.

On the other hand, if you are planning on a promising career that not only gives you enjoyment and good time stitching clothes, then you might as well make it a good investment right at the beginning by opting for industrial sewing machines. As there is no home sewing model that can handle the heavy load of commercial use and still give professional results.

While an average model of good quality might cost over $1500 mark, as you progress, you will almost find it an invaluable and a must have tool for any emerging dressmaker or clothing designer.

Our sewing machine ratings and reviews will help on just that - deciding which is best for your situation and circumstances, so you can both save time and money when it comes to shopping.

Types of Sewing Machines

serger-SM-R.jpgWhy You Need Serger Sewing Machines? - 3 Best Overlocker Reviews
A serger - or also known as overlock sewing machine, is produced specifically to trim fabrics with a blade, stitch a seam, and finish the cut edge...

heavy-duty-SM-R.jpgHeavy Duty Sewing Machines: Information and Buying Tips - What to Look For?
It is a myth that heavy grade machines are only for commercial and industrial use in large companies. In reality, they also come in semi-industrial grades for domestic use at home...

leather-SM-R.jpgLeather Sewing Machines - What is Best for Sewing Leather: Lambskin, Pigskin, Snakeskin, Cow Skin,...
Why do you need special industrial leather sewing machines? While many seasoned sewers recommend a standard machine to sew leather, your outcome will be compromised without a professional sewing...

industrial-reviewsIndustrial Sewing Machines: Commercial Sewing Machine Buying Guide
Commercial, computerized and industrial sewing machine each maintain its own unique characteristics and specifications that are geared towards producing more diverse projects than the simpler domestic models.

embroidery-sewing-review.jpgEmbroidery Sewing Machines - Guide to Selecting The Best Computerized Machine for Embroidery
Some sewing machines for embroidery can perform both basic stitch and embroidering, while others cannot do standard straight stitches. Brother computerized embroidery sewing machine...

dressmaker-sewing-review.jpgDressmaker Sewing Machine Buying Guide for Beginners - Selection Tips
When preparing to buy a model for dressmaking, you should first look into variety of seams, finishes and trims needed for your dresses. Even domestic sewing machines can be quite expensive...

quilting-sewing-review.jpgQuilting Sewing Machines - How to Find the Best Computerized Quilt Machine
Quilt sewing machine has changed the original ways of quilting beautiful decorative patterns. This guide explains important things to look for when you buy...

Upholstery-SM-R.jpgBest Upholstery Sewing Machines For 2011
Upholstery machines are more specified types of heavy duty models. They can handle heavy weight fabrics used for upholstery, like linen, canvas, leather, corduroy, heavy cotton duck...

used-SM-R.jpgUsed Sewing Machines - How to Buy an Old and Used Industrial Sewing Machine?
A second hand machine can be a sound investment if researched properly and given a trial run prior to acquiring. This guide gives you information on buying models for sale, things you need to know, and what are the cons of purchasing domestic or industrial second-hand sewing machines.

mini-sewing-review.jpgMini Sewing Machines Buying Tips - Ideas and Best Recommended Models
Portable mini sewing tools are great for repairing and fixing clothes when you are on vacation, RV or traveling. A compact machine is also best for use with small hobby craft projects...

Kids-SM-R.jpgKids Sewing Machine - Buying The Best Children's Sewing Machines & Project Ideas For Your Child
Are you considering to purchase kids toy machines? Wondered if a child sewing machine is just a toy or it can be used as a serious learning tool? What are the best children's models to buy? Find out the answers, and fun project ideas to try for your kids.

handheld-sewing-review.jpgHand Held Sewing Machine Review - Good and Bad Things about Cordless Handheld Sewing
Most mini hand held sewing machines are made for on-the-spot repairs of denim, wool, leather, and small hobby crafts. Find out whether it is recommended to buy one of the best rated handheld...

Parts and Accessories

Parts-SM-R.jpgSewing Machine Parts Consumer Guide - Explanation and Recommendations
Learn about different sewing machine parts, what they are used for, how to buy the correct one for your model and what parts of a sewing machine needs regular maintenance.

table-SM-R.jpgSewing Machine Tables & Cabinets - The Benefits of Sewing Machine Furniture
Having a well organized sewing area with a properly installed sewing desk or a full size cabinet not only makes your work more efficient and productive, it will also eliminate unnecessary profession accidents...


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