Simplicity Sewing Machines Review

Simplicity Homecare manufactures not only Simplicity sewing machines, but also quick presses, quick irons and workspace lighting as well. Their machines are constructed as their name suggests: "simple", or as the company considers being a more back-to-basics method of sewing.

Built as an average household sewing machine which was used to assemble crafts such as quilting and embroidery pieces in the older days, with the promise of a few functional extras, Simplicity machines are decent starters for the beginner, but are most likely not going to impress the professional sewer that has been creating fashionable garments for years.

Brief History and Simplicity Company Information

Simplicity has been a name brand in the sewing industry since 1927 and is well known for their expansive array of patterns.

First established in 1946, the Tacony Corporation became the largest distributor of sewing machines that was American-owned. In 1988, the distribution of Simplicity sewing machines was finally licensed in the United States.

Since then, these machines have been produced in bulk, accommodating the at-home amateur, with the hopes of keeping the more advanced sewer satisfied; as they are straightforward and simple enough with economically sound prices.

Some of The Best Simplicity Sewing Machine Models


Simplicity S07 Deco Mate Sewing Machine

This model is constructed of all-metal casing and can be found in the section of Simplicity machines for a wonderfully low price of about $170.

The instructional video that accompanies this machine explains how to use the 7 built-in stitches and the 25 stitch functions that it entails as well as all of the other features in an easy-to-follow guide. With 9 presser feet, 5 needles, 10 plastic bobbins, and a built-in light to illuminate the projects, the sewing options that this instrument can create are versatile and more than enough for entry level sewers.

A carry handle and accessory storage area are made for convenience, portability, and ease of storage as well.

User reviews mention how lightweight it is and agree that, for the new learner, it is a great at sewing basic stitches for the low budget price. A great options for students or kids to have the first hand on serious sewing projects.

Simplicity SA1100 American Denim 35 Stitch Sewing Machine

This one contains a drop-feed lever that assists with projects that require monogramming and embroidery and a push-down reverse lever that makes sewing in reverse a cinch. The speed control on this machine is electronic; twin needle sewing is possible with retractable spool pins, and the instruction manual makes for quick reference while learning the machine.

One user review stated that the advertised drop in bobbin had a tendency to get stuck unless the user held the threads at the start of each seam along with the fact that the buttons were made poorly, and recommended purchasing a better sewing machine for heavy fabrics.

The retail price of The Simplicity SA1100 is around $230 and will include free patterns as an added bonus, but may be found for less if purchased used without the option of the patterns.

On of the bestselling Simplicity models is Simplicity SA2200 Creative Spirit Plus 45-Stitch Function Sewing Machine, but because of limited supply, this particular make might not be in stock when you need it.

Warranty Information

The Simplicity sewing machines carry a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects due to casting for 25 years, manufacturing defects of mechanical parts for 10 years, and electrical, motor, and foot controller problems for 5 years.

They cover the labor of fixing their machines for a year after purchase, and boast to stand behind the quality of work put into their products.

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