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For the first time on Web: A fantastic Gel Nails at Home Guide for you

Want to pamper yourself with a nice and luxurious gel manicure and that too at home? Well if yes then this Gel Nails at Home Guide is only meant for you. ...

The 7 Best Hair Chalk Kits to Glamorize your Hair the way you want

Does sticking to the same hair colour for several months scare the hell out of you? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. By adding the best hair ...

Create Breathtaking Nail Art with these 9 Best Nail Stampers Now

Do you sometimes admire the artwork in paintings and wish if you could make it a part of you? If yes then you are at the perfect place as here we will take ...

Nail Primer vs Base Coat, Don’t know the difference? Here it is!

Are you still not fully aware of the difference and proper usage of nail primers and base coats? No worries gal as here in this Nail Primer vs Base Coat ...

Be your own nails’ Magician with the 6 Best Magnetic Nail Polish Brands

Have you ever enjoyed painting with watercolours in your school days? If yes then you must be knowing how colours magically take shape on their own and ...

The Best DIY Substitute for a Nail Primer & Dehydrator is Here!

Have you been searching long and hard for an effective DIY substitute for a nail primer & dehydrator? Well, your search is over ladies! Here we will ...

Want to be a Multi-tasking Woman? Here are the 6 Best Nail Polish Dryers

You love beautifully colored nails alright but does waiting for them to be ready pisses you off sometimes? No worries gal as a good quality nail ...

Don’t apply Nail Paint before reading this Nail Polish Expiration Guide

Do you think nail polish lasts forever? If yes then you need to think about it again and read this Nail Polish Expiration Guide for sure. Nail polish ...

Unleash Creativity on your Nails with these 19 Best Acrylic Powders Now

You must have seen and admired a lot of artwork all your life! But have you ever thought about how one can create something on a nail? Well if ...

Be your Nails’ Picasso with these 9 Best Professional Nail Drills Now

Seeing beautiful and desirable nail shapes is every woman’s craving nowadays but the efforts and money that go into it can turn them off like anything. But ...

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