Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

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If you are like me, who don’t like coloring your nails all the time, then you should try clear nail polish for yourself. Also, they can be worn alone without any topcoat. They look shinier and glossier even without any topcoat as they come in both transparent as well as colored forms. So, say no to coloring your nails every time after a manicure.

The problem you might be facing is that there are various brands of clear nail polish present in the market, and to avoid any confusion, here we listed down the 7-best clear nail polish for you. Also, their pros and cons help you to decide what you actually want to buy.

Like said, spending your penny must come with the knowledge of the product, isn’t it? First, we look into the advantages of using clear nail polish.

Let’s go!

The Advantages of applying Clear Nail Polish on nails

Like any other part of a body, your nails also need care, and using topcoats can’t do all the things. You should give them extra care, and for this, it would be the best option for you. You know why? Your nails are more prone to dirt and damages.

Applying only a top coat to them is not going to protect your nails from external factors.

Branded colored topcoats contain formaldehyde that helps them in hardening, but it can change the appearance of your nails by making them dry and harsh. Though, they can act as a protector to the nails in case of chipping and scratching. But it alone can’t do all the work.

And yes, how we forget about the nail remover we use, contains acetone which is not suitable for your nail’s health. It can dry and harm the external covering of nails.

So applying it would avoid this harshness and dryness of nails. However, it can provide proteins, vitamin E, Calcium, and other minerals to your nails.

Also, they work very well when applied with a topcoat and offer well adhesion to your nail paint so that it doesn’t wear off quickly.

What to see in this product?

As said, there are many more options for this babe that you will find in the market. They have become trendy nowadays so people like to wear them alone as well. But the problem comes when out of these varieties of brands; you have to select best for yourself.

Not only the best but also this has to matches your needs.

So to overcome this problem of yours, we are coming into some factors that you have to keep into mind to make the best choice.

  • In case when you want to wear them alone, you must check their color and their appearance before buying.
  • Longevity is one of the factors that decide whether coating will stay for a longer period or not
  • Price range is a vital factor for some people
  • Their application must be accessible as then you don’t need to spend more time on applying them.
  • It must be waterproof

Now let’s not let you and your nails crave and begin the shine job!


Here are 7 Best Clear Nail Polish Reviews of 2022

Best Rated Product
Seche-Vite-Dry-Fast-Top-Nail-Coat Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

4.7 out of 5 24,218 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#1.Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat


In this busy life, no one likes to spend more time on nail polish, right? So this beauty can dry in only 5 minutes and gives your nails a flawless shining appearance.
In a condition like the liquid dries then, you should shake the nail polish bottle properly and then add few drops of thinner into it; again, shake well. That’s it is ready to use.


  • Dry fast top nail coat
  • Glossy finishing appear flawless
  • It comes at an affordable price rate
  • Easy applying without any mess
  • It helps to prevent yellowing or to strengthen your nails


  • Not for regular use
Best Rated Product
Mineral-Fusion-Nail-Polish Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.8/5 2,173 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#2.Mineral Fusion Nail Polish


This natural base coat will provide you long-lasting with glossy finishing. Its chip-resistant and fast dryness makes them unique from other bases. They look amazing when wearing with or without a topcoat.


  • Clear and glossy finishing
  • No harsh ingredients
  • Carbon and paraben-free nail polish
  • Long-lasting with chip-resistant
  • Come in great varieties of shades and colors


  • Sometimes its storage becomes a problem
Best Rated Product
OPI-Nail-Polish-Top-Coats Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.7/5 18,212 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#3.OPI Nail Polish Top Coats


This brand also a popular one and, the base coat will itself prevent your nails from staining or yellowing of your nails. You will try this one once as with manicured nails; it is must wear.


  • It gives glossy and shiny color to your nails so that you can wear them alone without any topcoats
  • Can protect your nails from chipping or yellowing
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Rate is affordable


  • It doesn’t last long enough unless you take care of your nails while applying
Best Rated Product
Fanzest-Sheer-Pink-Gel-Nail-Polish Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.6/ 813 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#4.Fanzest Sheer Pink Gel Nail Polish


Its pinkish appearance is one of the unique qualities of them though there are more colors you can get in this variety, the pink gel is a popular one among people. You will try this one for sure.


  • Can wear alone as it doesn’t need any topcoat because of its pink gel shade
  • Low smell with non-toxic ingredients
  • Long-lasting if cared well


  • Not easy applicable
Best Rated Product
Beetles-2-Pcs-Topcoat-and-Basecoat Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.8/5 36,972 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#5.Beetles 2 Pcs- Topcoat and Basecoat


The good thing is this comes with both the topcoat and base coat so, if you want to wear a base coat with topcoat or if you don’t, then it’s up to you. These are amazing, and their colors are similar to what you see on the website.


  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Long-lasting with easy application
  • Sound able price


  • Need extra care and not suitable for every skin
Best Rated Product
Orly-Nail-Lacquer Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.4/5 3,986 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#6.Orly Nail Lacquer


You can use this nail polish as a topcoat, and it is completely safe to use without causing any harm to your nails. You can definitely try this one as its application is also kind of easy and their brand also trusted ones.
Its unique rubberized base coat helps them to stick to any topcoat for a longer time without any harshness.


  • Natural glossiness with a shining base coat
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to remove


  • Not all colors are great to use
Best Rated Product
Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-Nail-Treatment-Top-Coat Want to be the Queen of every Occasion? How about a Clear Nail Polish!

Rating: 4.8/5 1,518 global ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

#7.Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Treatment Top Coat 


These brands are have been here in the market for around years and most trustable ones. They are often liked by their consumers as they provide good finishing to nails and appear glossy and shinier.


  • Come in a variety of colors and shades
  • Help your nails in preventing their breakage
  • Glossy appearance


  • Their ingredients aren’t that safe
  • Not easy application


So that’s it, lady gang!

Our top picks in the clear nail polish list.

You can choose one after giving a thorough reading or just try them all to see which one suits you best. One thing is guaranteed, more beautiful, shinier, and neater nails.

So putting clear and glossy nail polish seems to be safer, and it also makes your nails shinier; to avoid chipping and any kind of damage to your nails, you must apply clear nail paint before topcoat or even without them.

Isn’t that amazing for those women who don’t like to put on nail polish every time and want something simple and glossier? So which one you like to buy?

Also, don’t forget to check our guide on how to file acrylic nails!

Keep shining, keep rocking!

How to Apply Clear Nail Polish at your home?

Going salon every time is not possible for everyone who wants glossy finishing with healthy nails. So applying it with a salon look is one of the best options for you. Here are eight easy steps; following them will make your nail salon looking with glossy finishing.

Step 1 – First, clean your nails as it removes your old polish or dirt on your nails. Use only non-acetone nail polish remover

Step 2 – Trimming your nails would be the second step as it gives a shape to your nails and smoothen them

Step 3 – And then soak your nails in warm water. It will relax the cuticle, and also, if any dirt left, it will be removed

Step 4 – After washing your hands with warm water, remove dead or damaged skin present on your cuticle with the help of a pusher

Step 5 – Apply moisturizer to your nails and give some warm massage for the normal blood flow,  and it can smoothen your nails surface

Step 6 – To give a transparency look; apply Vaseline gel on your nails before putting a base coat

Step 7 – Then apply one or two layers of clear and glossy nail polish on the surface of nails carefully without spreading them on your skin

Step 8 – Dry them for 5 to 10 min according to their layer thickness.

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