10 Best Electric Files For Nails & Drills

10 Best Electric Files For Nails & Drills

Well maintained nails say a lot about your personality but the cost at which they are achieved might boggle your mind a bit. But no worries as this is where a professional quality electric nail file comes in picture.

So if you want to save your hard earned cash and keep your grooming top-notch, just take a look at some of the best electric nail files listed below and make your best choice.

How to Choose an Electric Nail File

Basically, there are numerous types of nail files. But, apart from the tradition nail files, advanced technology has brought electronic nail file. When choosing an electric nail to buy, you must first and foremost the type of nails that need to be filed.

Natural nails use a different nail file from the one used for acrylic nails. Think how often you need to use, if it’s for a salon it has be a strong and long lasting one to endure constant use. However, for one to use to use at home you can buy any as long as it suitable for you nails. Below are some points to help you choose an electronic nail file.

How often you will use the file

You must first establish the duration within which you intent to use this product. Will you need it twice a week or daily? Is it for home use? It has always been shown that there is a direct correlation between the durability of electronic nail file and their price

Corded or cordless electric nail file

In case it’s for daily use, do you should get a cordless file? Normally the even new cordless files run for like two hours on a single charge. In case, you need to use often, then the most appropriate one should be the corded versions. Buying this type of electric file will reduce its purchase price considerably.

Get the right bits

Also, wisely selecting the bits fit for your nail file may also assist you in establishing the correct file for you. Based on use, Carbide bits can easily be used by almost everyone. Its next advantage is that it generates very less amount of heat compared to the diamond bits.

You can get a silent nail file

The vibration and the noise generated by the particular electronic file makes. Generally, the more silent the file operates the more expensive it will cost you. Again, those files that vibrate most have numerous side effects, like they may bruise off your skin. Again, the decision to buy one that vibrates or not is solely based on the size of your wallet or purse if you are a lady

Apart from following the above points when buying an electric nail file, you may also inquire from the vendor the best one. You can also do your own research to know the best one for you. Ask friends who have had an experience with the particular file. From then, you will be able to gauge the best one for you.

Here are the 10 Best Electric Files For Nails & Drills!

Best Rated Product

1.UTILYZE 10-IN-1 Electric Nail Filer

Key specifications

If you are fond of professional quality manicures but not of the high salon prices then UTILZE 10-IN-1 can be the perfect choice for you. It has a range of speeds, allows precise control during delicate jobs and packs plenty of power when required.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Flexible Spinal Cord
  • Comfortable to hold
Best Rated Product

2.MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical Professional Nail File Kit for Acrylic, Gel Nails

Key specifications

MelodySusie Sheen Electric Nail Drill is another awesome and truly affordable nail drill which gives salon quality results without being too heavy on your pocket. You can carve, cut, polish and remove excess cuticles brilliantly with the 6 metal bits and sanding bands provided with this unique set.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes less noise
  • Can be used by left-handers
Best Rated Product

3.Weiyi Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine

Key specifications

If you want to enjoy both manicure and pedicure in a single tool then you can gladly go for Weiyi Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine. It’s made of high-quality aluminum alloy body and is user-friendly. Plus it’s lightweight so carry it with you wherever you go and get a complete salon look.


  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable speed settings
Best Rated Product

4.PureNails Express Cordless Manicure & Pedicure System

Key specifications

This beauty checks all the boxes of a great nail grooming system. It comes with 5 durable attachments that can do everything from removing dead cuticles to file acrylic nails. A built-in LED light to let you see exactly what you’re doing makes this tool truly unique.


  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a convenient case
  • Backed with 2 year warranty
Best Rated Product

5.Pedinova 3 Electric Manicure Kit

Key specifications

Giving a professional manicure and pedicure job to yourself was never this easy, thanks to Medicool Electric Nail File. File or curve your nails the way you want to with immense convenience and ease. It has variable speeds, a strong motor, and 11 tools that will help you to get the nails you always dreamt of.


  • Sturdy plastic for longevity and stretch
  • Powerful 20,000 rpm speed motor
  • A travel case for easy and convenient carrying
Best Rated Product

6.AZ GOGO 30000 RPM Electrical Nail File

Key specifications

AZ GOGO 30000 RPM is an amazing drill for beginners. The look, the ceramic drilling bit and the usability for both manicure and pedicure makes this nail file an amazing pick. Approved by the CE certificate it has an adjustable 0-30000 RPM speed and takes only 2.5 hours for a full battery charge.


  • Can be used for both manicure & pedicure.
  • Adjustable speed
  • Takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge
Best Rated Product

7.ECBASKET Handpiece Grinder

Key specifications

Your hands deserve the best treatment so keep them looking ultra-beautiful for years to come through the ECBasket Handpiece Grinder. The speed and rotation direction controls are nicely placed down the cord to give you the best comfort and control over your treatment.


  • Small and light as a pen
  • Easy to swap accessories
  • Great value for money
Best Rated Product

8.Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

Key specifications

Take your at-home manicure and pedicure skills to the next level with this fantabulous electric nail drill machine by Cadrim. It’s high-quality, durable, and comes with six drill bits which helps you to get a salon style manicure and pedicure while watching your favorite shows on Netflix.


  • Easy to Use
  • Can be used for both manicures and pedicures
  • Comfortable grip
Best Rated Product

9.Fancii Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Nail File Set with Stand

Key specifications

The Fancii nail file lets you make use of ultimate portability as it runs on just two AAA batteries. Be it acrylic or natural nails, it works amazingly well on both of them. Totally unique to other nail files in the market, it has a built-in UV dryer in its stand which lets you save space and time.


  • Amazing portability
  • Has a built-in UV dryer in its stand
  • Backed with 18-Month Warranty

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Best Rated Product

10.AIRSEE Portable Electronic Nail Filer

Key specifications

The AirSee Portable Electric Nail Drill is as small as a pen so it’s our best pick as far as portability is concerned. Still it has the power and benefits a larger file can give you. It comes with 11 different drill bits and adjustable speed settings that let you go from 0 to 20000 RPM in no time.


  • Can be taken or stored anywhere
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use on different hands

So that’s all folks, some of the best electric nail files in the market for you to choose from. Pick the best one for you and create beautiful and healthy nails like never before.

Which one is the best electric nail file according to you?

Different Types of Electric Nail Files & Nail Drills

  • Deluxe Electric Nail Files
  • High End Electric Nail Files
  • Mid Range Electric Nail Files
  • Budget Electric Nail Files
  • Medicool Electric Nail Files
  • Salon Edige Electric Nail Files
  • Vogue Professional Electric Nail Files
  • Belle Electric Nail Files

How to use an Electric Nail File

The Electric Nail File is often used for pedicures that is toe nails but most often it’s used for filing Acrylic Nails. An automated Electric Nail File can easily simply smoothly or aggressively file nails with great precision if used correctly and as a nail professional you’ll need to use one to improve nails.

Considerations before purchasing an electric nail file


 The size of an electric nail filer is a huge factor make sure it fits perfect for your hand.


The weight is an important factor when choosing an electric nail file you don’t want it too light that you can’t control it but you don’t want it too heavy so that it hurts your arm on long stretches.


Is the device portable? Do you want a portable electric nail file?


How much sound does the nail filer produce, is it annoyingly loud? Does it vibrate?


When you buy an electric nail filer don’t expect it to have all the drill bits you need and don’t expect them to last a lifetime either these bits need to be replaced. How easy are the replacements to get?

It’s easy to cringe when you hear the words…NAIL DRILL! It sounds super intimidating, right?


First, what is a nail drill? Well, that’s easy enough. It is an electric hand tool used for quick and accurate shaping and/or buffing of your finger and toenails. They can either be battery powered or corded and come with a sampling of detachable bits. Simple, right?

Professionals use a nail drill in the application of acrylic nails. They scuff up the natural nail’s surface to allow for better adhesion of the acrylic nail. Then it is used to shape the acrylic nail. That makes for a much easier shaping process as acrylic nails are so much tougher than natural ones.

Don’t discount a nail drill for a natural nail too though. The speed and ease that a nail drill can move through the shaping process is awesome. Different bits can be used to buff your nail to an epic, blinding shine, too!

Bits, bits, bits!!!

That brings us to the drill bit attachments. The choices are almost unlimited, depending on your needs.

First, there are the carbide bits. In the nail drill world, these are the high performance sports car. They don’t wear out, period, end of sentence. With proper use and care, these will last you a lifetime, so that’s one purchase and done.

The next in durability would be stainless steel, and these are really good too, just not as good as carbide. Usually these are finished with a diamond carve. That doesn’t refer to the material, but the pattern cut into the bit itself. These are very long lasting bits, if well maintained.

The third option is the sandpaper bit. This is actually a sleeve that slips over a bit called a mandrel. The sandpaper option is pretty much single use. It has to be single use in a salon setting, because there is no way of sterilizing it after use. In the home, you may get 2 to 3 uses per sleeve.

Another popular bit for polishing is the chamois. These create a really nice shine. So much so, that you don’t really have to apply polish after you are finished. A tip for you is that you can also use it to shine up polish that hasn’t chipped but is looking dull after being worn for a few days. It gives your finish that first day shine. Why no, I’ve never scrubbed a dirty dish in my life!

Most nail drills have a standard size bit of 3/32” and that’s important. If you get a drill that has that as its size, you won’t have to purchase a name brand bit to fit it, any good quality nail bit will do.


When buying your own nail drill, you should always consider RPM, or revolutions per minute. The more RPM, the stronger the drill. As a corded nail drill is always more powerful than a battery powered one, you will usually find them with a higher RPM.

You really do not need any higher than a 30-35,000 RPM. Anything more and you might damage your nail, but less than 20,000 and you will have no power. Less than 20,000 RPM and the drill has a tendency to just stop working in the middle of a mani/pedi.

I definitely prefer a corded nail drill for performance. Some of them even have a changeable fuse. That’s such a great feature, because it gives you something to troubleshoot if the drill is not working properly.

Keep it clean, baby!

Before purchase, you should inspect that the machine is well sealed. You don’t want any obvious openings because they will suck in little bits of nail and acrylic dust. Gross!!!

You can keep your machine clean with canned air to blow the bits away, or even a quick vacuum to suck out the yucky stuff. You can always have the machine professionally cleaned, but this costs some bucks.

I do recommend a professional clean anyway, but that depends on the amount of use the drill gets. You really only need to do it every few years with normal use and maintenance. Even in a salon setting, every other year hard cleaning should be just fine.

So, to sum it up:

  • A nail drill is used to quickly and efficiently shape and buff the fingernail.
  • Different bits do different things. I forgot to mention that you can even get them to scrape away old calluses. So that’s awesome!
  • Standard bit size is 3/32”.
  • RPM=Revolutions per Minute. More RPM, better machine, too much RPM, damaged nail.
  • Corded vs. Battery Powered? I like corded, more power, no worries about dead batteries and usually it is higher quality machine.
  • Keep your machine clean! The better your maintenance, the less problems you will have overall.

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