Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight

Are you looking for a decent hair dryer for your hair drying and styling needs?

If yes then you are at the right place as we have listed some of the best hair dryers under $90 for you to choose from so that you dry and style your hair with maximum safety and minimum damage.

The Best Hair Dryer – A Buyer’s Guide

A busy morning will run more smoothly if you make a hair dryer part of your routine.  Hair dryers are devices that help dry and style your hair.  They often have the ability to blow air at several different heat levels.  This allows you to dry your hair quickly and makes it easier to straighten or style it.  Many dryers come with the option to blow cold air as well, allowing you to set your style without hassle.

Different Types of Hair Dryers

While many hair dryers look the same, there are a few variations in the materials they are made out of and the special options they can provide.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Hair dryers that use a ceramic base are prized for their ability to heat up well.  Ceramic heats very evenly, allowing you to dry your hair quickly without damaging it.  You will often find ceramic in higher end hair dryers, including the ones used in salons.

Ionized Hair Dryers

Frizz is a common problem for hair.  Ionized hair dryers fight this issue by sending a stream of ionic particles at your hair.  This helps evaporate water molecules and fight static.  Less static leads to less frizz and a shinier style.

Powerful Motor

The strength of a hair dryer’s motor has a huge impact on drying time.  More powerful motors can heat up to higher levels and deal with thick hair.  A powerful motor will cut through moisture and allow you to spend less time drying.

Folding Hair Dryer

Folding hair dryers come with handles that fold up next to the nozzle.  This makes it much more convenient for travel.  These types of dryers are usually lighter than their non-folding counterparts, making them easy to bring along on short trips.

Bonnet Dryer

Bonnet dryers are much like hats that plug into the wall. These bonnets are designed to be used over curlers to dry and set hair in a curly style.

What should I look for when buying a hair dryer?

When choosing a hair dryer there are several factors to take into consideration.  Every head of hair is different and has its own requirements. When looking to purchase a hair dryer, take note of the following things:

The Right Power for Your Hair

The length and thickness of your hair will have a huge impact on the type of dryer that will work best for you.  Short or fine hair requires much less heat to dry than longer, thicker hair. 
If you have short hair you may find a more powerful dryer gets too hot and is uncomfortable to use.  On the other hand, people with long or thick hair will find that a more powerful motor will allow them to save time in getting ready.

hair-dryer-accessories-2 Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight

Styling Options

If you style your hair a certain way on a regular basis you should take this into account when choosing a hair dryer.  Those who like to have smooth, shiny hair might want to consider an ionized hair dryer.  This will reduce frizz and create a sleeker look.  People who want big, beautiful curls may do well with a curler-friendly bonnet dryer.

Storage Abilities

If you live in a small space, having a hair dryer that can fold up or comes with a hanging loop can be a huge asset.  If you have plenty of room this may not be as much of an issue.

A Cool Shot Button

Having a blast of cool air on your neck can be refreshing and help set in styles that you spent time getting in place.

A Long Cord

A dryer with a long cord will help you make sure it can reach where you need it to go without having to bend over backwards.  It will also give you more freedom in where you can use it.

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A Cool Shot Button

Having a blast of cool air on your neck can be refreshing and help set in styles that you spent time getting in place.

A Comfortable Grip

Make sure that the dryer you choose is comfortable to hold.  Chances are good you’ll be spending a lot of time with it in your hand, so you want to makes sure it’s easy to grasp.

A Reasonable Noise Level

Some hair dryers make a high pitched screaming sound that can be very uncomfortable to listen to for long periods of time.  If you like peace and quiet, find a model that stays at a reasonable noise level.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 Of 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

1.Remington Hair Dryer with Ionic + Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology

Remington-Hair-Dryer-with-Ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline-Technology Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Micro-Conditioners for Less Hair Damage
  • 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings Plus Cool Shot
  • 1875 Watts Max Power
  • Concentrator & Diffuser Included
  • Removable Air Filter

Remington Hair Dryer, well the more we say about this one is less. It’s light, powerful and makes minimum noise. The best thing about this wonder gadget is that it has great balance and dries hair in quite lesser time as compared to other dryers in the market.

This one is an exceptional hair dryer for women under $90.

2.Nano Titanium Hair Dryer by Babyliss PROnology

Nano-Titanium-Hair-Dryer-by-Babyliss-PROnology Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Six heat and speed settings
  • Removable filter/stand
  • Cool shot button
  • The removable filter makes cleaning easy

Specially designed for speed, the Babyliss PRO is just perfect in the drying time aspect. It has strong airflow and extremely easy to use buttons and attachments. Elegant, powerful, wonderful performance, what else can be expected from a hair dryer!

3.Philips BHD006-00 Hair Dryer

Philips-BHD006-00-Hair-Dryer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • 1600W of drying power
  • Thermo Protect temperature setting
  • Foldable handle for easy storage
  • Universal voltage for worldwide use
  • 3 flexible heat and speed settings

If you are looking for a dominant yet compact hair dryer for daily use then look no further as this tiny beast is here to give you the power and care you’ve been looking for.

Another great thing about this gadget is that it gives you a silent and relaxed experience along with the stunning hairstyles that will enhance your awesome personality even more.This one also is one of the best hair dryer for women.

4.Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

Revlon-1875W-Compact-Lightweight-Hair-Dryer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Compact and lightweight design, perfect for travel
  • 2 heat/speed settings for drying and styling flexibility and control
  • Cool shot button help to set the look for a gorgeous, long-lasting results
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY helps to reduce frizz and static, leaving hair looking conditioned, smooth and shiny

Revlon is a popular maker of affordable, high quality hair dryers.  You’ll find just about anything you’re looking for in a Revlon dryer, including powerful motors, ion technology and easy storage

If adding volume to your hair is your focus then this guy will do the trick for you. Really the working of this dryer is very impressive. It dries hair faster than most dryers available in the market through its super strong air flow and at the price at which it’s available, this is an unbelievable pick.

5.D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington-Hair-Dryer-with-Ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline-Technology-1 Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Micro-Conditioners for Less Hair Damage
  • 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings Plus Cool Shot
  • 1875 Watts Max Power
  • Concentrator & Diffuser Included
  • Removable Air Filter

Well to sum this one up let me tell you that this the Amazon’s top selling hair dryer which has garnered over 2100 reviews in no time. It has two amazing attachments – one air concentrator and one diffuser for different purposes.

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If you are looking for performance and budget at the same time then nothing can beat this best affordable hair dryer under $90.

6.Hesley 2200W Aria Professional Hair Dryeron Hair Dryer

Hesley-2200W-Aria-Professional-Hair-Dryer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • 2200 watts powerful DC motor for ultra-fast drying and less heat to minimize heat damage
  • Features 2 speeds and 3 heat settings allow for design creativity when drying
  • Cool button reduces the flow of hot air and sets and keeps the style ,Please note that the cool shot button only reduces the flow of hot air when pressed for styling , it is not meant to give cool air
  • One narrow removable concentrator for optimal drying, styling, and straightening

Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to dry the hair quickly and get the desired style before moving out without harming them. They become rough and manageable. But with Hesley 2200W Aria Professional Hair Dryer, consider this issue sorted.

It dries your hair quickly without making them rough and unmanageable.

7.Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler

Revlon-One-Step-Hair-Dryer-Styler Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • One Step Hair Dryer and Styler.
  • POWER of a Dryer PRECISION of a Styler.
  • Detangles, dries, and smoothens hair in half the time.
  • 2 Heat Settings and Cool Settings for maximum styling control.

This amazing hair dryer-brush combo straightens hair fabulously and in much lesser time as compared to the other hair dryers in the market. The best part is that it packs immense power without the tendency to damage your lovely hair.

8.Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon-One-Step-Hair-Dryer-Volumizer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Power of a Dryer, Volume of a Styler.
  • Less Time, Less Damage.
  • Oval Brush Design. Unique Shape for smoothing the hair, while round edges create volume.
  • Heating Time: 1 minute Number of Heat Settings: 3
  • Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for easy detangle & better grip of your hair

This bestselling hair dryer (preferred by celebrities too) is just amazing and totally worth the hype. It dries and smoothes even the most curly hair in no time and extremely easy to use. Just be careful and do not use it on soaking wet hair otherwise you might break some of them. 

9.Havells HD3101 1200W Compact Hair Dryer

Havells-HD3101-1200W-Compact-Hair-Dryer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Gentle drying with 1200W.
  • 2 temperature settings – hot and warm
  • Honey comb inlet is specially designed to avoid tangling of the hair.
  • Heat balance technology prevents hair damage.
  • 1.6m long power cord

Here comes another compact dryer, this time from the house of Havells. This wonder gadget has a built-in honeycomb inlet which doesn’t let you hair tangle when you are giving it a desired look. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and handy to take it anywhere with you.

10.Conair 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Styling Hair Dryer

Conair-1875-Watt-3-in-1-Styling-Hair-Dryer Top 10 Best Hair Dryers Under $90 For Frizzy,Damaged,Curly,Straight


  • Includes 3 attachments to achieve a variety of looks and styles
  • Ionic Technology for shiny-looking hair and less frizz
  • 2 Heat / Speed settings provide custom settings for different hair types
  • Dual Voltage – great for travel

Just one word for this stylish brush-dryer hybrid – Extraordinary, thanks to its three different attachments – a detangling comb, a bristle brush and a styling comb. It detangles the hair beautifully and makes them extremely easy to handle.
So that’s it, a list of some of the best hair dryers out there. Doesn’t matter how tangled and messy your hair were before reading this post, they will be much better after you pick up the best hairdryer suited to your preference and budget.

Keep some of these factors in mind the next time you shop for a hair dryer.  The right choice will save you time every morning and give you a healthier, better looking head of hair.

Where to buy The Best Hair Dryer?

I recommend you buy from stores such as when looking for the best hair dryer. This is because amazon is a popular and big online store that has a lot of funds to buy in bulk.

Their ability to buy in bulk from the manufactures makes it possible for them to beat down their prices which is good for you and I. Aside that, they always offer money back guarantees on virtually all their products which is also good for us

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