Blow dry or hair dry, which one is better? 6 Ways to identify!

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Through countless articles and tutorials, we have wondered what is best for our hair, blow-dry or air dry.

All the time we have been advised to do air dry, not to use any blow-dryer for the betterment of our hair health.

What if I told you that all advice is an absolute sham?

What if I told you using a hairdryer (with proper use) to dry your hair is way better than letting them air dry?


Don’t be, this is not absolutely my advice, experts say that air-drying damages your hair way more than using heat or blow-drying.

As Science says that your hair takes a long time to dry naturally and within that time your hair follicle has been affected by the water. It causes the hair cuticle to swell and crack.

So, what should you do?

Stop air drying and switch to blow dryers?

Or stick to your routine?

Here are a few steps to help you understand what would be the best for your hair.

What is Blow dry and what is air dry ???

It’s pretty simple when you let your wet hair be dry by the natural air, then its called air dry &

When you use tools like a blow-dryer to dry your wet hair it is called blow dry.

But the main problem people face when it comes to which one is best for their hair health.

According to trichologist Jane Mayhead at The Private Clinic, She said that there are advantages and disadvantages to both and understanding your hair quality and according to act towards it,  would be a best practice for healthy hair.

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Understand your hair first-

Hair has three parts, hair shaft, hair follicles, hair bulb.

It is made by a protein called keratin, hair follicles help hair to anchor into the skin and hair bulbs help to divide the cells and grow hair.

The health of your hair is linked to the hair bulbs which are in your scalp.

So, maintaining a hygienic scalp is important to maintain your hair health.

How Hair Gets Damaged

Hair damage starts when aggressors (like heat, and harsh chemical treatments) attack the hair follicles and eventually it damages the hair bulb.

So, unhealthy hair can be the result of hair getting damaged, the scalp becoming weak, or both. When your hair becomes stretched, rubbed, gets too dry, or gets wet for too long, it will get damaged.& it causes your hair to look dull, dry and frizzy.

Additionally, the wet scalp can lead to fungal infection in the long run.

Now, you might have a question: what are the pros and cons for both air dry and blow-dry.

Let’s understand these -.

Here are a few pros and cons that you have to be mindful of when deciding what is the best for you –

Pros and cons with air drying-

Air drying is commonly done by those who have a short time left or by those who have curly hairs.

People love air drying because with these you don’t need any tools and are also risk-free of heat damage.


  • It takes hair longer to dry-  It may lead to bacteria and fungus infection. In the long run, it will affect your hair health.
  • Sleeping with wet hair & going outside (cool places) with wet hair can cause you calf and cold
  •  Air dry increases the amount of time the water can retain on your hair root. It can cause the hair to become weakened and damaged.
  • When hair is wet, it tends to be very weak, so if you are styling or combing your hair when it’s wet, be gentle with your hand.


  • Prevents hair from heat damage- If your hair is air dried then they look more hydrated and smoother.

This is because you are preventing damage from heat.

Most importantly, when blow-drying your hair, you cut down the risk of your hair breaking.

  • Lose moisture slowly – Air drying allows you to retain moisture. air drying helps your gradual loss of moisture from your hair throughout the day.

Pros and cons with blow- drying-

Blow drying is most convenient for working women. With the help of blow-drying, hair can get more volume which most women want.

Cons  –

  • Can be dangerous for hair – To a certain level it is okay but if you overdo it then it makes your hair dry, frizzy and damage hair bulbs in the long run.
  • Loose moisture very fast for that hair looks frizzy
  • Looks dehydrated with overuse it

However, if you follow a proper hair care routine, blow-drying can beneficial to your hair.

Pros –

  • Take lesser time to dry than air dry
  • As it takes less time to dry, you can prevent your hair from bacteria and fungus infection.
  • Blow-dry decreases the amount of time of water retention on your hair root. It can prevent the hair from being weakened and damaged.

Now you have everything you need to understand about your hair, and how the pros and cons of air dry and blow-dry.

Now, I want you to take the plunge and finally understand what is the best suitable form to dry your hair.

It’s time to focus on that. I am going to share some tips through which you can finally be able to take the right decision for your hair health.

Recommendation for healthy hair –

Leaving your wet hair to air dry can lead to fungus and bacterial infection and eventually breakage and split hair.

Over blow drying is also cause frizzy and dry hair and eventually breakage.

Here are some best practices which you can follow according to your convenience.

  • Blow-dry your scalp moderately and then comb your hair and let it rest with air dry. With that, your hair can keep the moisturiser for the longest time and would not also harm your scalp and hair.
  • Don’t comb wet hair.
  • If you want to avoid the blow drier then use a microfiber towel and dab it into your scalp and try to remove the water as much as possible then leave it for air dry.
  • Use your hairdryer into your scalp to remove the water from there and leave the rest of your hair (length) moist and let them dry through the air.
  • The moderate use of a blow dryer can help you to maintain healthy hair rather than air dry.
  • Choose your blow drier wisely which can provide a texture to your hair.

And here is one final tip before I sign off: You should apply a heat protector before applying any styling kit to your hair.

Also, you can check out some great pocket-friendly blow drier options for your healthy hair journey here.

 It’s about time you started your journey with a new concept of the hair drying process.

 Air dry or Blow Dry- which one is better for your hair ? 6 ways to fix it.

Want to know which one is perfect for your hair health, air dry or blow-dry?

Both can harm your hair health. The best way is to do a combination of these two. Use your blow dryer to dry your scalp and leave your wet hair length for air drying. This would be perfect combo for your hair health

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