How to Dry Nail Polish Fast With Hairspray? Easiest Ways you will ever find!

how to dry nail polish fast hairspray

Are you looking for a super-fast and effective method to dry your nail paint?

No worries as we have just the perfect solution!

Here we’ll explain how you can dry your nails how to dry nails fast with hairspray quickly and effectively?

Let’s do it!

  • First what you need to do is shape and file your nails before applying the nail paint.
  • Then apply nail paint on one hand and spray hair mist over it.
  • After getting done with one hand, focus on the next one.

Just make sure that you don’t do it on both hands at once as you might end up ruining your hands badly. 

giphy How to Dry Nail Polish Fast With Hairspray? Easiest Ways you will ever find!

For Natural Nails

Before applying the nail paint on natural nails, make sure to clean and wash them properly. This will remove the dirt hiding under the nails and they will look clean and well-maintained. After this, you can file the nails giving them a nice and fine shape.

giphy-1 How to Dry Nail Polish Fast With Hairspray? Easiest Ways you will ever find!

For Acrylics

In this case, the process is a bit different.

  • First, the nails have to be fixed with super nail glue then run over with the brush with a nice colour.
  • It’s advisable to give a two-coated texture to the nails. One will act as the bottom coat while the other as the head coat. Just wait for a while and allow the head coat to settle down properly.
  • Now spray a good quality misty hair spray on the nails from a distance of about 8-10 inches as if you try to spray from too close, you might spoil the smooth layer of nails.
  • In the next step check if the first spraying session has been successful or not. If not (by any chance), you can spray the hair spray one more time. Just make sure that your nails don’t become too oily.
  • Then let your nails dry properly for 30 seconds. Once they are dry, you can repeat the process on the other hand.


A hair spray contains essential oils and alcohol, that’s why they give a nice and shiny touch to the nails. 

Finally, wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any remains of the hair spray.

So that’s it, ladies!


Using hairspray nail polish is one of the best hacks you will ever find. Just try it once and experience mind-boggling results before you know it.


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