Searching for How to File Down Acrylic Nails? Here it is!

Searching for How to File Down Acrylic Nails

Do you want to file your nails at home easily and quickly?

Here we are to tell you that how to file down acrylic nails at home!

You will also become a pro in transforming your acrylics into a beautiful design and shape.

So let’s do it!

And yes one more thing, we’ll proceed with the assumption that you have just applied acrylics and now want to file them nicely.

How-to-File-Down-Acrylic-Nails Searching for How to File Down Acrylic Nails? Here it is!

Here’s the process!

Acrylics can give a bumpy texture and a piece of plastic to your nails. This is perfectly normal as applying acrylics takes a lot of practice and patience.

We will be sharing the safest and the most effective method of file down acrylic nails at home that all the nail technicians and manicurists proudly follow.

Sculpting with a File

Now we’ll assume that you have a 140-240 grit nail file that will let you follow the instructions below and give you beautiful and perfect acrylics.

Crystal glass nail files are amazing as they are sturdy and let you create ultra-smooth nails. This is the brand we are fond of as it makes the whole process easier and more effective.

If Emery Board is something that you are more interested in then remember that they are pretty sharp around the edges and can make nails sharp too.    

Although I would suggest that if you are using Emery Board then you need to score it first.

  • To do this take a second emery board and file gently on the edges of the first file. This will soften it.
  • You have to rub the second file against the first file to soften the edges. Make sure to do it in all the corners. (The reason for doing it is when you begin filing on your skin you can accidentally hurt yourself. But you can avoid all that if you blunt the edge parts of your files or buy a glass nail file.)
  • Then be conscious and aware of your skin surrounding your nails and the natural nail bed before you start.
  • Once you have scored your file and are ready to move forward, the first thing you will have to do is find the free edges (they are the part of the acrylic that lays underneath).
  • You have to file the free edge without coming in contact with the skin and do it up and down on one side and then repeat the same process on the other side.
  • Once you are done neatening up the sides, just file the top free edge.

Now you might think that won’t it harm the acrylic or natural nail?

The answer is, not at all! This is the most special thing about acrylics.

  • You can also be a bit aggressive with them but not without the cost of comfort and control over the shape mind you. To be a lot more comfortable while filing you have to hold the nail plate down on the nail you are working on and under the finger.
  • Make sure to hold it throughout the filing job to avoid hurting yourself and feeling uneasy. If you don’t do it, your finger will move back and forth in the direction you are filing. So keep a firm grip.
  • The longer the acrylic, the greater the grip you will need to have while on the other hand, the shorter it is the lesser the grip you will need. So you will need to think about the length that you would prefer for your acrylics. (Acrylics are quite long when first applied and you probably won’t need it. So you will need to shorten them up first).
  • While filing the free edge (if you have done the acrylic correctly) you will notice that the acrylics getting thicker and thicker as you continue to file and shorten them.
  • As you shorten the acrylic you will notice how thick you have made it. You will not leave it like this but you definitely would want to see your nail getting thicker as you shorten it which means that you are doing it the right way.

Now you have to decide the length, shape, and style. Whether it will be square-shaped, ballerina-shaped, almond-shaped or coffin shaped. They can all be achieved by the stroking and direction of your filing.

For example, if you want the almond shape, you have to file more in the corners to come up with a rounded nut shape.

And if you want a long square nail shape, it’s a good idea as it’s perfect to begin with.

Filing a Long Square Nail Shape

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, you will have to square up your thick acrylic nails using the file on the side and give it a nice square effect. So if you see your nail from above you will be able to see whether you have filed the nail evenly or not.
  • If you’re righty then the bow will be on the left-hand side and will be straight on the right one. While on the other hand, if you’re lefty, the bow will be on the right-hand side and straight on the left one.
  • So when you have a bow what happens is that the end tip is where the square wants to be but the top side is very fat. You can see this by looking at your nail from the top. In this scenario, you have to file the square nail by concentrating on its top side.
  • You must not be anywhere your skin or cuticle as if the file will be on your cuticle or against it, you will cut the cuticles and that’s not cool.
  • You must be a bit far while applying acrylic and filing to prevent damaging your cuticles and bleed.
  • Don’t file flat. It will take down the arch and with the strength too. So file on the sides of the nail’s top. You will have to twist the finger to do this easily and file on both sides, leaving the middle.
  • Look down at the nail’s barrel, and make sure that the nail looks thin and even. Now continue filing at the nail’s end, leaving the arch point. You have to keep the arch point as high as possible so that you can see the thinning of the acrylics as you file.
  • Continue filing at the sides to take the nail further down and so that you can give it a nice curvature.
  • While filing, make sure to maintain the arc and also that it is not the area that you are coming in contact with.
  • Just keep filing in a consistent and to & fro motion, going in the same angles so that you do the job in the same way.
  • When you look at the barrel from the top and your acrylics are deep enough, make sure that there are no bulges. If the bulges are there even after a lot of filing then maybe the top of the nail is too thick.
  • This is the reason why this filing method (doing it away from the cuticles on the nail’s top from both sides) is very effective.
  • Whenever you notice a sign of bowing or bulging on the top, bring that side in and make it straight to narrow it down.
  • Now at this moment, you will have to go over the entire acrylic to smooth it to give it a finishing. Blend it all.
  • Don’t forget to look at your nails from the side too, you have to maintain a decent smoothness in the cuticle building up in the middle near the arch and then coming down in a slope.
  • If it drops suddenly, you might have to bring the arch down a bit but make sure it’s still good and thick at the end.
  • Be careful though not to hit the cuticle even with a smooth grit file because, with time, it will tear the cuticle and cause it to break anytime.
  • Now after using the smoothest side of a buffer, take its next side and begin filing your acrylics. Use the same technique as shown using the Emery Board/Crystal File – staying clear of the cuticle and filing on all sides.
  • You will notice that your nails are getting smoother and smoother. This is quite handy if you are putting a top coat and then a nail polish coat over the top of the nail.
  • Now keep on working through the buffer, using the second and third sides. You will see that your nail will start to get very soft. The ultimate side of the buffer will make it appear as glass – like you have put on a top coat – then you will see how shiny it will be.

There you have it, a nice and smooth nail.

So when you finally look at your nail’s end, you will want it to be very even from one side to the other and the thickness will be the same all over.

Having it too wobbly or thick won’t be good at all.

You have to repeat the same process for the remaining nails, that’s all.

Final Words

So that’s it gals, one of the best file down acrylic nails method!

Filing your nails at home is not that easy agreed but with a lot of practice, you will be able to do it like a legend.

If you want to make this process easier, then investing in a decent quality crystal glass nail file is highly recommended (trust me it will be worth your money).

It will make all the steps mentioned above needless and you will be able to get the desired look much easier and quicker than before.

However if you are fond of working with Emery Boards then I think this article will serve the purpose for you nicely.

I would say that if you are a beginner or want to be surer before you start working with your acrylic nails, then you must purchase a dummy finger to practice file down acrylic nails at home.

It will make sure that you know in which direction you are going before you take the risk.

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