Oily Hair Remedies: 8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

how to fix greasy hair

Dealing with oily hair can be one of the most frustrating in today’s times, and it is one of the major concerns among all the common Greasy hair Problems. While there are plenty of frizz-fighting serums and shine-boosting sprays on the market today, there are still few options for those of us who have oily strands, especially if they’re flat and thin.

When you find a product or recipe you want to apply lastly to treat your oily hair, you’ll need to add more products in your box.

Belief us—the outcomes are not ever good. So, what’s a Greasy Hair girl to do? We wedged up with our squad of in-house hair care specialists to get the exposé on the daily ways every oily-haired girl must live by in edict to attain a healthy, stable mane.

Greasy Hair or oily hair – Know the reasons behind this

Problems like Greasy or oily hair often appear due to the build-up of excess sebum, which naturally occurring oil is found in our oil glands.

The glands secrete this oil to keep the body’s skin healthy and hydrated; sometimes, this oil is secreted in excess, making us feel that there is more oil on our skin and hair.

This is generally due to inner issues like hormone disparity & also due to our daily routine. It depends on how many times a day you wash your hair, the type of products you use in your hair, and the type of styling you do with your hair.

To make your hair oil-free and to make them healthy and beautiful, the Remedy for Oily Hair given below will come in handy for you –

Natural Ways to Fix Greasy or oily Hair – (Remedy for Oily Hair)

1. Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps you to make your hair oil-free because it has is acidic property. So, if you use this to wash your hair, it will be able to regulate your sebum. As a result, it may be used to make your hair oil-free.

2. Aloe Vera –A Natural Remedy

pure-organic-natural-green-aloe-vera-leaves-healthy-treatment-label-banners-with-text_1284-9400-1024x1024 Oily Hair Remedies: 8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients that exhibit significant nourishing and astringent properties due to its composition. At the same time, it can control the excess oil production present in your hair; if you apply it to your hair, it makes your hair oil-free.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Do you know that the dandruff present in your hair makes your hair greasy?

products-tea-tree-set_1284-19078-1024x1024 Oily Hair Remedies: 8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

The antifungal properties of tea tree oil aid control the oiliness present in your hair & make dandruff free. You can apply this tea tree oil directly to your scalp; it will reduce the greasiness and dandruff of your hair. Apply 2 to 3 times a week.

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Change your habits and methods –

1. Apply conditioner the right way

Pay special attention that does not apply conditioner all over your head. To keep your hair from becoming flat and oily, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair; do not apply conditioner to the entire scalp. And at the same time, take special care that whenever you wash your hair, wash them properly.

Occasionally, what you contemplate is grease is actually just conditioner or shampoo that hasn’t been washed out fully.

2. Wash less often

Yes, you heard it right, it may sound a bit strange, but it is true that the main reason for the oily nature of your hair can be frequent washing of your hair.

This is how you wash to correct your oily scalp, and by doing so you strip your hair of its natural sebum, to make up for this deficiency, your scalp starts producing more sebum, which makes your hair oily.

To prevent this from happening to your hair, stop washing your hair with shampoo every day, you can do this once or twice a week.

3. Switch up your brush

This can also be one of the main reasons for your hair becoming oily. Because over-brushing can make your hair worse, but the fact is, choosing the right brush can help you to have oil-free hair. The right brush can remove the greasiness of your hair.

4. Pick your products wisely.

Whereas various products can work miracles on your greasy and oily hair (hi, dry shampoo!), others individually help worsen the problem. So, always try to pick the best product which is removing the greasiness of your hair.

5. Don’t touch your hair.

Really It just not  look like a huge deal, but all of that finger-twisting & scraping you do throughout the day can truly distress the look & feel of your hair. So don’t touch your hair: Try to keep your hands away from your hair.

Prevention Tips

  • Use products which are made only for oily hair.
  • To improve scalp health, use fruit packs comprised of banana or papaya, or spinach or carrot packs.
  • After your workouts, wash your hair safely.
  • Ease sun contact.
  • Protect your hair with a wide-brimmed hat or scarf.
  • Avoid over massaging or brushing your hair.
  • When it comes to your hair, don’t rely on flat irons or chemical treatments too much.


Using all the above Remedy for Oily Hair and information in the right way can help you get rid of oily hair; oily hair can make your scalp itchy and uncomfortable, and at the same time, makes your appearance uncomfortable in public.

Fortunately, there are many simple and easy Natural remedies available to deal with oily hair. You must also know that with age, there is a lack of greasiness in the hair. And the amount of oil present in your hair varies with time.


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