The 6 deadly mistakes that must be avoided while colouring your hair!

most common hair color mistakes

Sometimes it is just for fun, some other times it becomes the need of the hour. Whatever be your reason, but you can’t deny the fact that  at some point of life we all have to colour our hair. So the important question is – Do you know the proper way of coloring your hair? Unfortunately not! Besides colouring, if you want to know about hair dryers click here.

woman-getting-her-hair-dyed-home-by-hairdresser_23-2148817211-1024x818 The 6 deadly mistakes that must be avoided while colouring your hair!

Many of us commit some common errors while coloring and because of that we are not able to get the desired results. And the worst part is that due to some silly mistakes you may damage your hair forever. So if you don’t want to repeat them again then do read this one carefully. And if you want to know about proper hair washing methods then visit-Do you know the right way to wash your hair?

So here are the 6 most common hair color mistakes

Always using permanent colours

The worst thing you can do is to apply the permanent color throughout your hair every time you color. Why is it not recommended ? It makes the hair more porous with the repeated coloring and it grabs more color giving you uneven color. Also, it is not healthy for your hair. So try a semi-permanent colour instead, if you don’t have the time to do the job properly.

You choose the wrong hair colour

The most common mistake that is often visible is- people choose the wrong shade. If you want the same shade as your natural hair and got confused among different colour options then it would be recommended that you should go for a semi-permanent or temporary hair colour first. Once you find the correct shade of your choice then you can go for a permanent one.

You wash the hair just before dyeing

Another big mistake is washing the hair just before applying the colour. If you do this, it may damage the skin of your scalp and cause irritation. Hence it is ideal to wash your hair for 1 to 2 days before applying colours. At the same time just ensure that you haven’t used any kind of hair styling products like hair spray, gel, oil etc after washing.

Mix and match

Yes! Another mistake is that you use colour from a different brand and developer from a different brand. This mix and match can cause major damage when you experiment with your hair. So whenever you try colouring your hair at home choose the colour and developer from the same brand.

You forgot to read the instructions

How many of us bother to even read the instructions once before using the colour of a particular brand. Of course only a few, but it is another big mistake. If you purchase the hair colour from other than your usual brand then it is recommended to read all the instructions very carefully once before using it.

Forgot to rinse the colour on time

Another problem that is often noticed is that you are looking for a different shade and end up getting a totally different one. This happens either because of the wrong selection of the shed or applying the colour for the inappropriate duration. So if you want a salon-like perfection, it is super important that you apply the colour only for an appropriate time. Don’t apply it for too long or too short. For some other hair care tips click here.

Final words

Hope all the above-mentioned tips will help you to get better colour at your home and as well as protect your hair from any kind of damage. If you want to know about  Fantastic 10 Ways to Take Care of Combination Hairs in 2022 then follow the link to get some crucial tips.

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